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STEP KIM 2.0 part 5 (fm:adultery, 5435 words) [5/7] show all parts

Author: jwdoney
Added: Apr 05 2018Views / Reads: 1081 / 899 [83%]Part vote: 9.65 (26 votes)
As misunderstandings and conflict continues, Jeff and Kim scorch everything around them, but Kendra wants a chance, which confuses Jeff and the jealousy makes Kim sluttier.

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This (2.0) is an original story and is not intended to mirror, reflect or copy anything I have written or posted. Aside from taking parts of the original STEP KIM chapter one and repurposing them, this is an all new story that should have been, and what was doesn't exist. All content and story is original, fresh and new, and does not reflect anything from the originally posted story (STEP KIM). No malice or disrespect is intended, infidelity and cheating are serious issues, and this is just a story. I have complete respect for marriage and being faithful. Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement. This is a work of fiction.

My name is Jeff and I am 21 years old, 5' 11" with short brown hair, a decent build and I live with my stepmom Kimberly in her huge house while I go to college and work part time. My dad is wealthy and Kim has her own money but this isn't about their money. I love my dad, but as long as I've been aware, he cheats on every woman he's with. Dad cheated on mom, his second wife Leslie, and now Kim and they've only been married a little over 2 years. What I don't get is Mom is very pretty, Leslie is gorgeous, and Kim is just flat out hot. So why does dad cheat? Who knows, but he definitely has a thing for blondes, because mom, Leslie and Kim are all blonde. Kim is 33 years old, 5' 10" with long, light blonde hair and a beautiful smile. A successful personal trainer, Kim's body is tanned and perfect, at least to me, and she has long smooth legs, a tight ass, flat stomach and firm large breasts that have to be 34D if I know anything. The heat between Kim and I is real and our affair was months, maybe a year in the making.

Kendra is a friend from college, who is 6' tall, extremely fit and athletic, has long red hair and a body that rivals Kim for perfect. Kendra and I dated for a couple of weeks, went on four actual dates, but she broke up with me because she said I was obsessed with Kim. It was true, it is true, but there was heat between Kendra and I that never got explored. Yesterday when Kendra saw Kim and I in the mall kissing, holding hands and together, she said she got it, she understood, then she walked off. Kim and I had a strange series of arguments and sex, fueled in part by Kendra texting me that she wanted to try being friends again. After Kim and I argued, discussed and screwed, we went to bed with an understanding that if my dad divorced her, Kim would marry me. It wasn't an official proposal, but in case you missed it, Kim is everything I want from life and love her completely.

Then today she caught me kissing Kendra...

...with my hands up her skirt!

Kim startled us from a legendary and seriously intense makeout session possibly prompted by me telling Kendra she was perfect and I didn't think perfection could exist in two different places. I didn't even know Kim was here until I heard her saying "Okay. If this is hanging out, we definitely have a problem". Kim stood there gorgeous, sexy and beautiful with her arms crossed. It wasn't lost on me that she had on quite possibly the sluttiest and hottest black dress I could have ever imagined. Kim was more than half naked and yet fully dressed, just another example of her sheer perfection and volcanic hotness. The dress was daringly short showing all of Kim's toned and tanned legs and most of her shapely thighs. The dress was so short if Kim reached for something, I would know what color AND what brand panties she had on! The dress itself was molded to Kim's athletic body and did little more than cover less than half of her firm, full chest and her visibly stiff nipples. The thin straps holding the miracle of fabric on were pointless because one good pull and Kim would be naked.

I studied, cataloged and surveyed all of that in the several seconds it took for Kendra and I to seperate having been caught kissing. Kendra was clinging to me shaking, I was fucked, and Kim stepped closer and said "I should kill both of you for this". Kendra practically whispered "It's my fault. He kept flattering and complimenting me and I couldn't take anymore so I kissed him". Kim blinked twice, three times, then said "Could happen to anyone". I swallowed because aside from actual death, Kim breaking up with me was the worst thing I could imagine. Ironic that I thought that while holding Kendra having just been caught kissing her. Plus it didn't help that Kim's dress was pornstar slutty and totally unlike her. At all!

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