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After The Book Launch (fm:one-on-one, 5435 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: Medellin Picture in profile
Added: Apr 05 2018Views / Reads: 1271 / 1035 [81%]Part vote: 9.94 (18 votes)
Steve takes up Kim's invitation to her cookery demonstration and find himself sitting with Jenny from the hotel reception. Fun begins during the show and finishes in Kim's dressing room.

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AFTER THE BOOK LAUNCH This is the second part of The Book Launch published about 3 years ago. In the first part, Steve attends a book signing for his daughter's favourite chef Kim and ends up fucking her in her hotel suite! The second part happens later that day when he attends Kim's cookery demonstration along with Jenny one of the hotel receptionists another ardent fan of Kim.......

Steve showed his ticket to the usherette and she led him to a seat close to the stage of the small theatre. The seats near him were all marked reserved. He sat down and looked around. The theatre was filling up, mainly women but a few men that accompanied them. He looked at the stage, all set up for a cookery demonstration, but with audience left in no doubt who the cook would be; the big pictures of the delightful Kim, her face smiling out at them from the set with her trademark black retro style hair, the red polka dot dress and for him the centre of attention, the big smiling red lipstick covered mouth, that he now knew quite intimately.

As he sat there, he reflected on the day, quite an extraordinary day! When he stood in the book signing queue that morning only wanting a signed book for his daughter, little would he have believed that in the same evening he would be watching a cookery demonstration by the author, having spent the last few hours in her hotel suite satisfying what could only be described as her carnal lust, as she lived out her fantasies through his ability to pleasure her again and again. But he had no complaints, the cute little immaculately dressed and coiffured Kim had managed to stimulate his excitement! Every time he thought he was spent, somehow, she had managed to instil the life back into him and as a result he was able to give her more of what she lusted for! She had still wanted more and suggested he come along to her evening demonstration and then they could return after to the hotel. She had said she could fuck all night long if he was able to rise to the challenge! Suddenly a voice broke his quiet reflection.

"Hello! I mean wow! Not what I was expecting in a free seat" He looked up and took a double take. Looking down on him was Jenny, one of the receptionists from the hotel where Kim was staying. He vaguely knew Jenny, chatting with her when he used the hotel for his clients, but in truth he had always harboured a wish to get into her knickers, the chance was yet to arise, but from a casual comment earlier that day from Kim, he now understood that the attraction could be mutual.

"Oh hello Jenny. What a pleasant surprise. A VIP ticket from Kim I guess?" Jenny smiled and sat down in the next seat. She looked as immaculately dressed as usual, but a little more sexy out of her receptionist uniform. She wore a lacy black buttoned top and short black skirt. For once she had her long blond hair hanging loose, rather than pulled into a tidy bun. She was more heavily made up than when working, but her make-up was still subtle and attractive, her voice soft and sexy.

"Yes it's a VIP ticket Mr. Brampton," she paused. "I am a massive fan of Kim and to have her staying in the hotel has been fantastic. She promised me a signed book today for a favour and I never expected the ticket as well. Such a good seat too". She paused again looked down coyly "I guess with an added bonus of sitting next to you".

"First of all, less of the Mr. Brampton, It's Steve and second the pleasure is all mine to have you as company for the" Steve paused and questioned "Do we call it show?" He smiled at her and she sighed as if relaxing a bit.

"I guess so. Kim appears to be a bit of a performer".

"You can say that again" he stopped himself, "Oh I am sorry I did not mean to say that it just slipped out." Jenny blushed and looked forward avoiding his gaze.

"It's OK Steve" she paused "I think I know what you mean. That favour I did for Kim was to give her your mobile number and I saw you and her chatting together and then you took the hotel lift. I guess up to the Mayfair Suite?" She swallowed hard and waited to see how he responded. It was not immediate he was looking round the fast filling theatre. Eventually he spoke.

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