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Giving into temptation: 5> Jenny takes the ranch hands! (fm:group, 9596 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Apr 05 2018Views / Reads: 2734 / 2468 [90%]Story vote: 9.68 (22 votes)
In a story of reverse temptation, compared with that of the others, Jenny Donovan, the ranch owner’s young virginal daughter, uses her charm and seductive body to full effect on the six ranch hands while her folks are away. How can they possibly resist!

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Story outline: In a story of reverse temptation, compared with that of the others, Jenny Donovan, the ranch owner's young virginal daughter, uses her charm and seductive body to full effect on the six ranch hands while her folks are away. How can they possibly resist!

To see a photo of the young Jenny Donovan character, visit my author profile page.

At 18 years of age, Jenny Donovan was the youngest of two children. Her brother, who was older by six years, had long departed their folk's ranch and was making decent money two states west. Jenny, however, wasn't so lucky. From just before her teens, she missed out on secondary school, thanks, in large part, to her father's concerns. He had each of his ranch hands teach his daughter all that he deemed necessary: English, maths, history, geography, religion - they being a highly conservative family - and biology, up to a point, leaving his wife, Jenny's mother, Alice, to educate her as to the ways and purpose of sex. Such as it was, it only dealt with the mechanics; conception through intercourse.

Even before her mid-teens, Jenny was aware of the changes taking place inside her; her monthly cycles for one, while she began to look upon the ranch hands differently as they went about their work. She knew what they, as men, had to offer and it brought a thrill to her young body. She also felt there had to be more to sex than letting a man, her eventual husband, simply fuck her.

Laid in her bed one night, she imagined what it would be like if a man, one like Tex who had short brown hair and helped her with biology, stroked her body. As the thoughts drifted through her head, Jenny drew up her pink negligee and slowly ran her fingers over her body. When she reached her breasts, she cupped one and rolled the nipple of the other. She felt a tingle followed by a sudden frisson of pleasure, drift down her body, exciting her clit and making her pussy warm and wet.

"Oh yes," Jenny cried out, unaware that she was enticing an orgasm deep inside her.

Still rolling her proud nipple, she let her free hand slowly slide down her body; across her midriff, her stomach and taught abbs, and felt a host of new sensations. She let her fingers comb the fine blonde hairs of her pussy, feeling the moistness on them. It felt sticky as did the sheath that covered her distended clit. When she gave it a little curious stroke, a sensation, rather like a low electric charge, raked through her body. Jenny quite liked that and so she did it again.

Presently, when she came, Jenny felt a warm wetness between her thighs. She reached down her fingers and marvelled at just how wet she had become. It was then, in that instant of self-relief, that she knew her body was capable of so much more pleasure. There was just one problem. Her parent's, in particular, her strict father.

For the time being, Jenny made do with her fingers and occasionally her mom's rolling pin, which she washed before returning to its draw. All the same, as she lazed around the farm and the men carried out their daily duties, Jenny found herself having carnal thoughts about, not just Tex, but several of the other ranch hands. It made her hot to think that their dicks were getting hard and that some of them would probably jack off during break time.

When it was really hot, they had little recourse but to remove their shirts. Each one had a perfectly toned body, which sweat dripped from as they toiled and laboured. Every so often, one of them would raise his Stetson, either black or brown, and mop his brow. On such lazy hot days, Jenny wondered to herself what it would be like to lick the drips of sweat from each ranch hand's body; starting from his chest and working her way down to the wide leather belt of his jeans.

She longed and ached for the day that would possibly happen and what, exactly, she would discover inside each of the ranch hand's jeans. Until that day, she made do with her erotic thoughts and agile fingers, stroking her clit to orgasm after orgasm. To her surprise and out of the blue, she didn't have to wait much longer.

Alice had woken up around 2am with a toothache. Martin went to the

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Jo Jo writes Tue 10 Apr 2018 13:52:

I have found 75% of blokes don't like double penetration because their balls might slap up against the other guy's balls or some such. It surprisingly hard to get dp'd which is a shame because I LOOOOOVE it.

Joanne xxxx


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