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Manhattan apartment (fm:exhibitionism, 463 words)

Author: Anonymous
Added: Apr 08 2018Views / Reads: 1010 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 8.29 (7 votes)
Kelly and I are looking for a place in the city and things get hot

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Kelly and I were finally in a position to afford a place in the city, we both have worked long enough to have a vacation home. That being said, we met the realtor at 2 pm on Friday on 14 th st. When we first saw it, Kellys first reaction was that the windows were too large, if by chance the shades were up the neighbors could look right in our house and see every movement we made. I assured Kelly, all we need to do be aware of the fact that we are in the city, and put down the shades when you want privacy. We stayed in the apartment after the realtor left, just to spend some time together to evaluate the options on our plate. Kelly said she would love the place for the right price, it had plenty of open space, and the windows were just perfect. We opened a bottle of vino to celebrate our new place, and Kelly asked if I she wanted me to put on sexy clothes. I had no idea she had packed anything, but she had different ideas. She was in the bathroom for 5 minutes, then came out She was wearing a skin tight black bustier with a leather thong. She walked toward me, and pulled the shades open, she said as she poured another drink, why don't we open these old shades?,I would love to open this place up a bit. Kelly, the neighbors can see right inside our place, you can't parade around like that. So what? If someone sees me, who gives a shit! That being said, take off your clothes now! Of course, there was no objection, but we have to close the shades. No. we aren't closing the shades Kelly walked toward the huge windows looking right on 2nd ave, slowly pulled it up the window to let in some air, then things got hot. As she opened the window, she stood in front of it, opened to the city, then pulled out her huge tits from her top, she then, told me to get behind her, she loves getting fucked from behind. As I put my cock in her she pulled off her top, while holding the window up above her head. I could see people from the street and across the office building watching as she removed the rest of her clothes. She was completely nude, wearing nothing more than a cowboy hat. She loved being watched, and she loves public sex. I fucked her in the window as long as I could, when I came and was done, she stood up in the window, and danced for our new neighbors. My wife is an exhibitionist, and we hope we are welcome to the neighborhood

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Daniel Massey (guest) writes Sun 8 Apr 2018 13:47:


This is a good attempt, but every new idea needs a break. ( New paragraph.) And there is not always a comma after and. Good luck!


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