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Nerdy can be sexy (fm:first time, 730 words)

Author: nina
Added: Apr 08 2018Views / Reads: 1632 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 7.67 (15 votes)
a nerdy girl who just turned 18 discovers some of life's pleasures.

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Sarah was exited to turn 18. She was finally an adult! She was ready to go out into the world, and make a living. With her Harvard degree in hand, she knew she would be successful Her only concern was: could she find a lover?

Since she had just turned 18, she hadnt had sex before. On this topic, she had 2 concerns: one, she was worried that she wasn't attractive enough; and two, she was scared of the act itself. Would it hurt? Would the man be mean to her? If she wanted to stop, would she be able to?

It was that first issue that she was thinking about right now. She was, by all accounts, a nerd. One feature that gave her that characteristic was her glasses. She had picked the plainest frames she could, but she worried that they made her eyes look weird. In reality, theywere beautiful: green speckled with gold.Actually, everything about her was beautiful: her fair skin, her long blond hair, her c cups, and her face, makeup-free, and always sporting a smile.

She went to the bar, something she had never done before, because she was 18, and she wanted to celebrate! She was ewcited, but scared because she feared getting drunk and losing her virginity to someone when she wasn't sober. For this reason, she only had the tiniest bit of alcohol.

She sat down next to a boy that looked around her age, maybe a year older. She looked at him. He was so handsome! He had short brown hair, just a hint of a tan, and was about 6'2. She wanted him so badly, but he didn't think he would ever want her.

"Um, hi." she mumbled. She could feel her cheeks going red.

"Hey." he answered. To her surprise, she saw that he looked just as nervous as she felt. Maybe this wouldn't be so hard, after all.

"What's your name? I'm Sarah." she asked, growing confidence.

"Daniel", he replied. He suddenly had a burst of confidence. He blurtedout "I love you!", then shrank back, whispering sorry over and over.

Sarah had never felt so happy! To daniel's surprise, she giggled. Then she told him: "I love you too!" She could tell that Daniel had not expected this. She struck up a conversation, and they talked through the night.

At about 1:30, Daniel said he had to go. Sarah was, by this point, longing for something more then just talking, and asked if she could come with him. He, surprised again, agreed, and they drove to his house.

When they arrived, Sarah asked if they could go up to his bedroom. By this time, he could see what she wanted, and agreed enthusiastically. Once in the bedroom, they kissed for a long time, each one pulling the other towards them.

Sarah sat down on the bed, and motioned Daniel to do the same. He sat down beside her.

"It's a bit hot in here. Could you help me take this shirt off?" asked Sarah. Daniel wordlessly pulled off her pink tank top to reveal a white bra. That, Sarah took off herself.

Daniel began touching her breasts, first timidly, then squeezing and massaging them energetically. Sarah had never felt something this good in her life. She laid down on the bed and moaned.

Sarah felt so amazing, but she wanted more! She pulled off her shorts and panties, and asked Daniel to lick her vagina. She spread her legs, and felt Daniel's tounge on her pussy. She felt like she was the happiest person on the planet.

She realized that there was one more thing that she wanted tonight. She stayed laying down, but with her feet pushed off his pants and underwear, exposing his massive erection. He stopped licking, and snuggled next to her, his face on her boobs. He inserted the tip of his penis in her vagina, and started humping.

In no way was Sarah prepared for what she felt. It was like every cell in her body@screamed with pleasure. Again and again Daniel humped, and again and again Sara squealed.

It seemed like Sarah had only been having sex for a couple of minutes when it was over. Daniel came, the hot semen feeling so good inside Sarah. Both of them knew that, while this was the first time, it wouldnt be the last.

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