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Roxy's Discovery - Chapter Fifteen (ff:first time, 9419 words) [15/17] show all parts

Author: nudcjul
Added: Apr 09 2018Views / Reads: 342 / 245 [72%]Part vote: 10.00 (5 votes)
Roxy and April attend April's friends New Years Eve Party which brings up pleasant memories.

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Chapter Fifteen

As the week went by, Roxy became more and more nervous about attending Jody and Reba's New Year's Eve party that they had been invited to. She liked having to go out shopping for something to wear but attending the party with Jody and Reba there was unnerving her. She didn't figure that she would ever see them again and she wasn't sure why they got invited since this was a party for all of Jody and Reba's friends which she wasn't so sure that she could be called a friend to them since her only interaction with them wasn't anything that one could talk about in a social setting.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea?" Roxy asked for the twentieth time while they were getting dressed for the party.

"Yes honey, it is, now stop your worrying," April said patiently.

"But I won't know anyone but Jody and Reba and I really don't know them," Roxy said knowing that April would know where she was coming from.

"I don't know anyone but them too but there will be women from all around this area, women who could jump start your career. You may end up working for one of these women one of these day. Besides I think it will be interesting to hear all of their stories and I bet once everyone starts drinking, there will be a lot of stories to be told," April said reassuring her once again.

"And you'll stick by me all night..." Roxy stated more than asked.

"I won't leave your side, I promise," April said giving her a kiss.

"You'd better not," Roxy warned her.

"I won't," April replied with a smile.

"You know that I'm wearing a dress and you're wearing pants," Roxy said grinning at April.

"But this time we know who really wears the pants..." April said giving Roxy a hard look.

"Of course, you do," Roxy said pointing to April's dress pants.

"I don't mean literary who wears the pants," April said putting her hands to her hips and frowning.

Roxy laughed, "yes I know what you mean..." she said and she saw April let out a sigh of relief. "And it's you who wear the pants..."

"Roxy!" April said this time showing her frustration.

"I know, I just had to tease you," Roxy said coming to April and giving her a light kiss.

"Good, I just don't want to go through all that again,' April said putting her hands around her and giving her a hug.

"I don't either," Roxy said giving April a squeeze before releasing her.

She thought for a moment as she tried to put into words what she needed to say without it coming out all wrong, "Speaking of this, there is something that I am worried about..."

"What's that baby?" April asked.

"You know when I asked about meeting Reba and Jody a few minutes ago, it was more than meeting them that I was worried about. You know with my fantasy and all..." Roxy said.

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