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Shy Wife on Holiday Ch.01 (fm:cuckold, 5275 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: tony090909 Picture in profile
Added: Apr 09 2018Views / Reads: 2829 / 2242 [79%]Part vote: 9.35 (37 votes)
A shy wife is tempted to have a holiday adventure

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Looking back I'm sure it was the moment when I saw her partially backlit that filled me with desire. The sun created a shining halo to her hair and perfectly framed the innocent smile on her beautiful face. So far so very respectable, but the backlighting made her dress semi-transparent, emphasising the firm swell of her breasts and the wonderful shape of her legs.

How many times had I spread those legs and thrust into her, drawing inarticulate moans and gasps before firing my load into her core. We'd been married for twenty years so there must have been thousands of times.

Suddenly now we were free and I felt restless and unsatisfied. All our energies recently had gone into our family, but within a period of twelve months both our children had headed off to university and become independent.

Both of us saw this holiday as an opportunity to reconnect, to become a couple again. My apologies if this comes across as a bit selfish, but, for what felt like a long time, Karen had been a mother, now I wanted her back as a wife.

Fortunately I think she felt the same way. She might have been nearly forty, but good genes and an interest in sports meant she had kept her looks and figure. I won't claim she was exceptional, and I know I'm biased, but she could have passed for thirty and when the mum's got together at High School events, it was clear she was in the top 10% and I intercepted quite a few admiring looks from the men present.

On one memorable occasion I overheard two men discussing the attractive brunette in the black and white skirt. When I told Karen about it later, she was alarmed that they had described her as a MILF, but reluctantly admitted that the fact that they found her attractive was flattering.

I had tried to encourage Karen into being more sexually adventurous. I got a surprise when she told me one of her friends had asked her whether we would be interested in an evening where we swapped partners. Karen didn't even consult me, she just turned it down politely, but firmly and told me later.

"I know you think I'm a prude," she said. "But it's just how I am, so swapping isn't going to happen."

Shy and strait-laced she may have been, but I was delighted to find that she was a bit of a closet exhibitionist. I've always been interested in photography and I'd been surprised how easy it had been to get Karen to pose for me. I took some very explicit full-frontal shots and our photo sessions always ended with Karen getting very wet and asking me to fuck her.

I'd made it clear that I wanted this holiday to include a few photo sessions; Karen made what felt like a token protest and had then gone along with the idea. So I'd made sure that as well as a selection of sensible undies, she had also packed some of the skimpier, lacier items she owned.

These had been unpacked as soon as we arrived at our hotel, but it was quite late and there really wasn't much time for anything else. The following morning we had a leisurely breakfast then took a walk round the grounds of the hotel. These included two small lakes with footpaths which curved round the far side and close to a river, though that was actually fenced off from the hotel grounds.

In the afternoon we claimed a couple of loungers next to the pool and settled down with our books. Later we both got in the pool and did a few lengths, but Karen is much more of a swimmer than I am and I got out and went to the bar while she stayed in to do some more lengths.

I got chatting to another British couple at the bar so I was a bit slower returning to the pool than I expected. I was surprised to see Karen still in the water, but stood at the side chatting to a guy. She smiled and introduced me to Greg, then excused herself saying her skin would start to look like a prune and climbed out of the pool. We settled back on the loungers with our drinks and Greg began to do a few

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tony090909 writes Tue 10 Apr 2018 06:32:

Yes there will be another chapter and I hope to post that shortly.


Ken writes Mon 9 Apr 2018 18:43:

Very erotic Tony. Is there more to come on this story, if so I'm looking forward what Karen gets up to next.


Jo Jo writes Mon 9 Apr 2018 13:40:

Love it

Joanne xxxx


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