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Giving into temptation: 6> A double delight of chocolate Giving into temptati (fm:threesomes, 5422 words)

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The walls in the apartment complex where Allison and her husband live are thin enough that the two men in the apartment above keep her awake until all hours of the morning with the erotic overtures of the women they bring home most every night.

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Story outline: The walls in the apartment complex where Allison and her husband live are thin enough that the two men in the apartment above keep her awake until all hours of the morning with the erotic overtures of the women they bring home most every night.

‘Not again. Give it a fucking rest, guys. Who are these women,' I thought, as I once again lay awake while my husband slept peacefully beside me, every so often making a deep snoring sound.

Yet again, my upstairs neighbours were fucking some slut they had brought home. Okay, maybe slut was too harsh a word. It was almost midnight and the sound of the bedsprings making high-pitched squeaking noises was keeping me awake, yet again. That was subsequently followed and added to by the woman's voice begging for more, and then the begging became wordless moans and groans of pleasure.

Stan, my husband, was between jobs and so I worked a double shift. That meant having to get up early. I was losing sleep. Something had to give. I needed my sanity back. I made up my mind to visit my neighbours the following evening after a 12 hour shift and appeal to them to keep it down.

Sex is fine; we all do it, just not so damn late. Okay, part of that wasn't true. Everyone but us. I could not remember the last time Stan made our bed shake as much as the noise coming from above us.

One hour later it stopped. ‘Hallelujah. At last. About damn time,' I thought, and settled down to sleep.

As I left for work the following morning I caught sight of a young woman, younger than me. Her blonde hair looked dishevelled, her clothes were rumpled and she wore a contented smile. She hailed a cab and was quickly whisked away. Me, I had to settle for the early morning bus as always.

It was a long arduous shift. I was glad when it ended. I needed my faculties intact if I was determined to confront my neighbours, Roland and Eric, which I was. I had to. I couldn't go on losing sleep night after night, day after day.

I had seen them quite a few times, either going in or coming out of the building. Young handsome athletic types with dark tanned muscular skin. It was easy to see what other women saw in them.

I made my way up several flights of stairs to their apartment and knocked on the door several times. I was sore all over from my 12 hour shift. All I wanted, all I had hoped for was to take a leisurely bath, have something to eat and relax. Before I could get to that, I had my neighbours to deal with.

"Coming," a voice from inside their apartment called out.

"Hello there," Eric intoned. "Allison, right," he said. "And what brings you up here?" he asked, his tone lustful. ‘It's certainly not for that,' I remarked to myself.

I took a deep breath. I've never been good at confrontations. I can't even summon up the courage to ask my boss for a raise. I was tired. The sooner I got it over with then things could hopefully go back to normal.

"There's something I need to talk to you both about. It's important."

"Best come in, then," Eric said.

He lead me into the living room. Compact, just like all of the others in the building. Space for a big screen TV and a sofa, which he invited me to sit on.

"Is Roland here, it involves him too," I said, only for him to make his way from the kitchen with a couple of beers.

"Allison's here. Do you want something to drink?" Eric offered.

"What? No. This shouldn't take long," I said.

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