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Staying awake on the night shift (fm:one-on-one, 1401 words)

Author: Brandygirl
Added: Apr 14 2018Views / Reads: 1821 / 1523 [84%]Story vote: 9.41 (32 votes)
I'm new to overnights, so my co-worker helps me to stay awake in a very special way. Any suggestions would be helpful!

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I had just started working overnights the week before and they were catching up with me. My coworker, Connor, has been on overnights for a while so he was wide awake. The work load was pretty light for a hospital that night. We hadn't had a call in over an hour and my office chair was getting mighty comfy. I had my knees pulled to my chest and was zoning out if not falling asleep. Connor was sitting at the counter next to me and poked my arm. "Come onnnn stay awake." I swatted his hand away. I was just so tired and it was 3AM. "OK time to switch it up," he said. I'm pretty sure I made an awful grunt noise in protest. He started to spin my chair. Begrudgingly a smile crossed my face. On the second, or third time round I dropped my feet and flung out my arms. It just so happens that I stopped, facing him. I planted my feet on the ground and slapped my hands on his thighs. He hadn't expected that. I was done playing. I had to stay away. I had to get some sort of rush. Fuck it.

"OK quit it, I know a way to wake myself up, but I'm going to need your help."

"Shoot. Coffee? Candy? Naked Tag?"

His eyebrow went up. He had been flirting with me since my first night at work and it was fun and flattering. He was a few years younger, tall, well built, not bad to look at.

"Wellllll..." I said, "kinda."

"Wait, what? Which part?"

My hands were still on his thighs and I leaned in and kissed him. I sat back down.

He looked genuinely shocked, "Oh. Well...I..."

"We've worked together almost two weeks and NOW you are speechless? Maybe I can fix that."

I leaned in again and kissed him again, this time with more pressure. Without separating I stood up and straddled him. His hands reached around and cupped my ass. I put my hands on his face. Our lips parted, our tongues explored each other. I broke the kiss and leaned back a little. "You were saying?"

"Wow, um, anything to help a coworker."

I could feel his hardness underneath me as I slid off his lap.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"We aren't going to do this out in the open. Come on"

I led him in to one of the exam rooms.

"Make sure the door is at least locked."

He went over and locked it and did this dramatic turn back to face me. I couldn't help but giggle.

I backed up to the table and sat on it. I beckoned him over with my finger and a come hither smile. He walked over to me and brushed some hair out of my face. I put my hands on his hips as he bent down to kiss me. I parted my legs so he could move in closer. We stayed like this for a minute, his hands in my hair. My hands moved up his back, under his scrubs. He backed up a step and took his shirt off.

"OK, your turn." he said

"What? are we sixteen? maybe you should help"

He stepped in closer and put his fingertips under the hem of my top. I lifted my arms straight up and let him slowly slide it off of me.

As an aside, the work nights had thrown my housework schedule in to a tizzy. That morning I realized that I hadn't done laundry and I was down to my granny panties or my "third date" set in purple satin.

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