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Paying the Price (fm:male domination, 1503 words)

Author: Regina Picture in profile
Added: Apr 15 2018Views / Reads: 1024 / 792 [77%]Story vote: 9.17 (24 votes)
After taking advantage of a gentleman's generosity, Reggie has to face the consequences

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Reggie checked herself out in the mirror. On the last day of each month, the Garden Department of the big box home improvements center cleaned out damaged goods. Ed, the kindly older department manager, always gave Reggie a great deal on ripped bags of dirt & damaged plants, most of which was cosmetic and with Reggie's expert touch was good as new in no time.

Ed had been hit with a stretch of bad fortune, but always dwelled on the positive and always had a smile, especially for Reggie. He had been downsized out of a banking industry job and then his gold-digger wife had left him. At his age, another job in the private sector was not coming and he had taken this job, holding on until retirement.

His payment from Reggie was a home cooked meal and a dessert of eye candy. Now standing in front of her bedroom mirror, Reggie adjusted the spaghetti straps of the button up denim dress and straps of her black bra, definitely Ed's favorite. It was a lacy demi cup, purposely purchased one cup size too small, that barely covered her nipples. Then she undid 2 buttons, till just a hint of the bra was visible and finally she leaned forward to make sure that Ed's "dessert" would be clearly visible.

Ed greeted her with a huge smile and hug, the hug lingering longer on each visit. In a back corner the collection of damaged plants awaited her inspection. Leaning forward much longer than necessary, she inspected the goods making sure that Ed got a generous serving of "dessert". Shifting her weight, her left breast fell out of her bra. She moved to another group and squatted down, the dress falling open around her thighs, possibly her lace panty even visible.

After paying, Ed helped load Reggie's car and gave her a hug goodbye. Realizing that she had forgotten some cleaning supplies, Reggie drove to the main entrance and went back in where she was met by the chief of security, who requested that she follow him to his office.

"I've noticed that Ed is selling you products at below market value. That is considered theft and punishable by the law as a felony with possible jail time. Both you & Ed are in serious trouble". Reggie tried to explain but was getting nowhere. "Let's see how yesterday's two shoplifters are doing". While on speaker phone, he dialed and asked for Sgt. Flannery. "Hi Tom, what's going on with yesterday's two arrests"? "They go before the judge this afternoon. He's been in a foul mood lately, probably will throw the book at them".

On the wall of monitors, Reggie spotted Ed in the garden center. She couldn't believe what was happening and suddenly realized that it was her fault. She had taken advantage of Ed's kindness and now he was in serious trouble. "Can we negotiate a settlement that is satisfactory to everyone", she pleaded. For the next 15 minutes, Reggie offered various financial settlements, only to be met by stern look of rejection. "I'll leave you alone for a few minutes to ponder the seriousness of this matter". Alone in her thoughts, Reggie watched Ed on the security monitors as he went about his business. Suddenly the chief of security appeared, and after talking to Ed, who suddenly walked away, turned & just smiled at Reggie in the camera.

Back in his office, "I just had a nice talk with Ed. He's a great guy, isn't he. It's a shame all the bad luck he's had". Message received, over the next five minutes they hammered out an agreement on restitution. He wrote it up and signed it. Ed would keep his job, no charges filed. Now it was Reggie's turn to deliver her part of the agreed to restitution. Standing, she slowly unbuttoned her denim dress and slipped it off her shoulders, standing there in bra & panties, Ed's dessert, being served to another man.

He circled her slowly, inspecting her body, complimenting her on her ass, her breasts. "Arms over your head". Cuffing her, he threw the connecting rope over a heating pipe that ran across the ceiling. Then a long broom stick was tied to her ankles, keeping her legs spread, exposed, & vulnerable.

First the bra, two scissor snips to the straps and Reggie's breasts tumbled free. Two more cuts and her panties followed. Pulling her cheeks apart, he slid his tongue back & forth across her asshole, the tip pushing, teasing, her nipples stiffening as Reggie felt a tingling

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sparks (guest) writes Fri 20 Apr 2018 00:13:

Wow, that was quite the story, had me going .........

Just imagining that voluptuous body in that picture on your profile being enjoyed like that was ...........


It painted a good picture.


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