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Date Night (fm:slut wife, 2277 words)

Author: CopDancer
Added: Apr 15 2018Views / Reads: 2233 / 1760 [79%]Story vote: 9.36 (22 votes)
A fun evening at the casino turns into payback for my husband

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It was Friday evening and my husband wanted to take me to the local casino for dinner and some gambling. We had been married for 23 years and liked to spend time hanging out at the local casino when we had a few hours to escape the monotony of life. I showered and got ready as he made his way home from work. I decided to have a glass of wine and listen to my favorite band Def Leppard while getting ready. I got a little buzz because I had not eaten all day. As I curled my hair in the mirror I remembered the first time my husband went with me to a Def Leppard concert. We were much younger and much more playful at that time in our marriage. We got super drunk at the concert and couldn't take our hands off of each other. I remembered kissing him while we danced and sang along to Pour Some Sugar on me. All the while I could feel his big cock pushing against me from behind. By the time we got into the car I was so horny I ripped my clothes off as he drove. I had to have him and before I knew it I had fully mounted his hard shaft as he drove down the freeway. Eventually he pulled to the side of the rode and shot his big cock load deep in my throbbing pussy! As I sat there curling my hair, listening to the song and thinking about this night I could feel my pussy start to get wet. I decided to see how wet it had gotten and I pushed my hand beneath my panties down my clit and all the way into my soaking wet pussy. I was shocked to feel how wet I had gotten from thinking about that memory. I sat there for a minute just thinking about how great that night was and before I knew it I was actively fingering my pussy. The song ended and in the silence I could hear my finger sliding in and out of my pussy. Each stroke bringing me closer and closer to orgasm. Just then my favorite song came on and I decided it was time to explode! I moved my finger up to my clit bringing my wetness with me. I began to vigorously stroke my pussy and it only took about 20 seconds for that unbelievable feeling of ecstasy to come over me. I could feel my whole body convulsing as I stood there with my hand shoved in my panties. After I took a minute to recover I opened my eyes and was surprised to see in the mirror my husband standing behind me. He was so aroused and had a very puzzled look on his face. Neither of us said a word and we both started ripping his clothes off. He picked me up and shoved his cock deep in my pussy as he carried me to the edge of the bed. He laid me down and pushed my legs up by his head. His cock was pounding my pussy and his balls we slapping against my ass. I just laid back and closed my eyes as he worked his big dick in me. I was completely carried away by the situation and barely noticed as he pulled his cock out and began to shoot waves of warm cum all over my tits and face. After a few seconds I opened my eyes and realized he was no longer standing there. He had already moved on the closet and started getting dressed. He then shouted from the closet that the Uber would be at the house in 10 minutes and we had to go. I didn't have time for a shower and instead had to wipe the cum off with a towel. As I did I could feel the sex juice smear across my tits and I knew most of it was just going to dry on them. My husband came out from the closet and gave me a kiss. We hugged without saying anything to each other and we both knew how deeply connected we were in that moment.

The Uber driver arrived and drove us to the casino. We stopped by the bar on the way to dinner and got a couple cocktails. They made my favorite raspberry lemon drop and it was a must have when we went to the casino. We then proceeded to dinner and enjoyed a long dinner together. We talked for a couple hours and both were very in the moment after the great sex we had. Towards the end of dinner my husband made a few sexual comments and I could tell that he was getting aroused again. Not that he needed the wine to get aroused, but I could tell that the wine was affecting him. He told me that he had read a hot story about a wife making out with another woman while on a date with her husband at a casino. I knew he was full of shit and told him that would never happen. We ended the conversation with that and went to try our luck at the slots. We stopped by the bar and got another raspberry lemon drop. We played slots for a couple hours and didn't have much luck. I wanted another drink and asked him if he wanted one. He said he wanted a drink but that he didn't want to get up from the machine because he was winning. This wasn't unusual, but I noticed a beautiful brunette sitting two chairs down from him. I wondered for a second if he wanted to stay because of that, but then quickly dismissed the idea because he was winning and she was two chairs down from him. I went to the bar and got the drinks. When I returned I saw that he was sitting next to that brunette. Not only was he sitting next to her, but he was the one that moved chairs. I stood back for a minute watching him as he talked to her and they both laughed as he made a

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Will writes Sun 22 Apr 2018 18:26:

More please


MISTY166 writes Sun 15 Apr 2018 13:06:

You need to break your story up in to more paragraphs, it makes it easier to read.


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