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Wet in the wildneressthis story is part of the FanClub (fm:masturbation, 1161 words)

Author: postappantsdown
Added: Apr 16 2018Views / Reads: 1097 / 552 [50%]Story vote: 8.42 (12 votes)
Mona has fled the ruins of the city - and society itself - in favor of the wilderness. As she makes camp it is time to let go of the stress and hectic of life.

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The silence was almost deafening, even the small camp fire in front of Mona had burned down to the point where the crackling sound was barely audible anymore. The forest had long fallen asleep and the sounds of nocturnal animals were few and far between. It reminded Mona of her childhood, growing up in an age when a Diskman was the state of the art she had never listened to much music. When she had finished school everyone was suddenly running around with smartphones, ipods were long outdated technologies, and the loud brick phones on the train had been replaced by bluetooth speakers. Mona hadn't realized how much she had grown accustomed to the constant noise around here until silence returned and she had to relearn to live with it. For the first year she had actually found herself longing for access to a phone more for music than the other benefits, but there was so little working electronic infrastructure left that even if she had had a phone there would have been no way to get any music onto it.

So she had done the smart thing and learned to live with a world where the only sounds where either animals or danger - often both - and then soon learned to love it again. Without any way to distract herself she had no choice but to be alone with her thoughts and the choices she had made, and Mona found she had managed to come to terms with many she had carried around for years prior.

First and foremost her own sexuality. For such an open-minded society as she had grown up in she had struggled with a surprising amount of ...

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