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Shy Wife on Holiday Ch.02 (fm:cuckold, 3673 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: tony090909 Picture in profile
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A shy wife continues her holiday adventures

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We'd taken a walk along the Menacha valley a few days previously and for footwear I reckoned trainers would suffice because it wasn't much more than a gentle stroll. The weather would almost certainly be the same - hot when we set off, but cooling down a little as the afternoon wore on.

Last time I'd opted for shorts and a T-shirt, but then it was just a walk with my husband Tony, so my clothing simply had to be functional. This time I was going with my husband and my lover and we would be stopping for a picnic at some stage. I decided a simple knee-length white skirt and a pink T-shirt would be fine. The skirt was flared which would help keep me cool and would also allow easy access if that was required. For walking I would normally have worn a sensible bra and pants set, but this time I decided my freshly washed lacy white set were more appropriate.

It was just after 2pm when we set off and the air-con in the hire car was a necessity. We followed the single track side road until the tarmac finished, then parked by the side of a dirt track and headed up the valley. Fortunately I didn't have to carry anything, but the men had brought small backpacks to carry the food and drink.

It was a slight, but definite incline and after some forty minutes of easy paced walking we were well away from the car. Just like last time there was no one about; we'd been told this was poor land for farming and had been abandoned and was reverting to nature. That did make for a quiet, relaxing walk in peaceful surroundings.

Tony suggested we leave the track and head off up the hill to our right and find a suitable spot for a picnic. The slope was a bit steeper now and the ground became rockier and the scrub began to close in on us. It was clear we weren't going to climb much higher, but then we spotted a small neglected terrace with a few olive trees.

We headed across to that and Greg suggested that we spread our travel rug under the largest of the trees. The shade was very welcome and I sat down while the men got the food and drink out. As well as the essential water, we also had a bottle of white wine, plus some cheese, crackers and a bit of fruit.

The wine was poured, Greg proposed a toast to new friends and we chinked our glasses together, though they were actually plastic ones and didn't make much noise. We chatted a bit about the hotel and whether we liked it enough to return. I do have a bit of a soft spot for Mediterranean islands and my answer was yes.

Looking out across the slope, with the blue of the Mediterranean stretching away in the distance, I felt surprisingly relaxed. Until two nights ago my husband Tony was the only man I had slept with, but then with his knowledge and full agreement, I had gone to Greg's room and let him fuck me.

I had assumed that was the end of it, but then Tony had suggested this picnic and said that, if I was willing, a spot of sex al fresco was possible. He pointed out that Greg was leaving early the next morning, whilst we still had three more days of our holiday left. We were unlikely to see him again, so why not seize the day and do something different. I could only recall two previous occasions when Tony and I had had sex outdoors, which does rather indicate how conservative I am.

I'd had reservations about the picnic, but Tony was keen and I have to be honest and say that the sex with Greg had been very enjoyable. One stipulation I'd made was that if I had sex with Greg, then Tony would have to make himself absent. He was disappointed by that, because he wanted to stay and watch, but I thought it would be too inhibiting having him there while Greg was fucking me. I did say to Tony that I didn't expect him to disappear miles away and if he chose to watch from a discrete distance, well that was up to him.

For his part he was very clear that if I had sex with Greg then he would want to reclaim me afterwards (as he had done the previous night) and I said that was fine, but in that case Greg would have to absent himself.

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