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Afternoon Fun In The Hot Tub (fm:slut wife, 2437 words)

Author: oppy-n-rose Picture in profile
Added: Apr 17 2018Views / Reads: 3505 / 3015 [86%]Story vote: 9.03 (39 votes)
My husband's friend is working nearby and after enjoying lunch together, invites my husband and I back to his hotel room to hang out in the hot tub...

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A few weeks ago my husband came home from work a bit earlier than usual. He had a huge smile on his face and I knew something was up. He told me that his good friend Mike was in town for business and had invited us for lunch. We hadn't seen Mike in a bit, although we had kept in touch on social media. I knew my husband would look forward to hanging out with his old buddy and I wouldn't mind either. We had all been friends for the better part of 20 years, but had gone our separate ways a few years ago when we all got married. He met his wife and ended up moving down the shore where they had three kids and were currently living. My husband and I had gotten married and stayed in the home where we grew up and were currently raising our own child. We all got busy with our careers and families and hadn't hung out in almost 10 years. Just like my husband, I was excited to see Mike again after all these years as I always had a thing for him. I guess you could say it was a mutual feeling between us. When my husband and I first started dating, things weren't that serious and we were just having some fun. At that time, Mike was the ladies man and enjoying himself with different women. I had considered hooking up with him, but never followed through with it. I was very shy at that time and never pulled the trigger. Since then, I had always been curious as to what might have happened if I had hooked up with him.

After giving me the details about lunch, my husband ran off to take a quick shower. Once he was done, I decided to do the same. I showered and once I was done, I headed into my bedroom to get dressed. Since we were going to a local eatery, I didn't need to wear anything fancy and just threw on a simple pair of yoga shorts, along with a tank top that showed a bit of cleavage. It made me feel sexy and I know my husband would enjoy me wearing it. Once we were ready, we got in our car and drove off to meet up with Mike at the local Chili's. It was only about 15 min. away so we didn't have much of a ride.

Once we arrived, we met Mike in the parking lot and after greeting each other and saying our hellos, we headed inside to enjoy our lunch. We had a great time as we reminisced on the old days. Mike still looked great and I could tell he had taken extreme care of himself. He was always a workout guy and loved going to the gym. I told him that he had taken good care of himself and he complement me as well. We enjoyed our lunch and as we were winding down, he asked us if we had any plans for the afternoon. We told him that we didn't and he mentioned that he was staying just up the road at the Hampton Inn where we all had history. When we were younger, it was the hotel that we all went to whenever we had dates and wanted to fuck. He said that he had the afternoon off and that we were more than welcome to come hang out in his room because he had decided splurge and get the room with the whirlpool in it, just like the ones that we all rented back in the day. My husband and I had plenty of great times in those whirlpools when we were dating. Since we had nothing to do, we agreed and decided to join him to hang out for a bit. I certainly wouldn't mind, as I love a nice whirlpool or hot tub. The guys paid the tab for lunch before we all headed out to the parking lot. We told Mike that we would follow him over to the Hampton before jumping in our car.

We arrived a couple minutes later and after parking, the three of us made our way inside and up to his room. As he opened the door and we made our way into the room, a ton of memories came rushing back to me. My husband and I had frequented those rooms when we were dating and had made so many memories in there. We would spend our entire Friday nights fucking in that whirlpool when we were younger. We made our way around the room, which was split into three different areas, having a large bedroom, a room with the whirlpool and a living room area and I noticed that they hadn't really changed the design much since my husband and I had last been there. We all got settled and it wasn't long before Mike began filling the hot tub. He poured some body wash into it and it immediately became bubbly. As it was filling up, he and my husband both suggested that I go in and enjoy it. They both left the room so that I could undress and jump in since I didn't have a swimsuit. I was a bit hesitant at first because I was going to be naked in the hot tub but with all the bubbles in it, Mike wouldn't be able to see anything. After a few seconds, I stripped out of my clothing and hopped into the tub as it continued filling. It was a big tub and could probably fit about five or six people in it. As I was soaking, I could hear the guys talking in the next room but couldn't tell what they were saying. I laid back and relaxed in the hot water as the jets got going. It felt great as I closed my eyes and laid back to relax against one of the

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"Bill -BFT-S" writes Mon 23 Apr 2018 15:29:

I just love hot tub stories.


Jo Jo writes Wed 18 Apr 2018 14:00:

Done that

JO xxxx


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