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Chances (ff:domination, 1059 words)

Author: Ranefox
Added: Apr 18 2018Views / Reads: 398 / 219 [55%]Story vote: 9.00 (1 vote)
Old lovers negotiate a BDSM scene together, with unexpected results

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Copyright © 2007/2014 by Ranefox

"Ouch!" She shouted over the music.

"That's not a safe word," I replied with a sadistic grin.

The lights were low, casting shadows in the corner where she stood. Faced forward, her arms were up over her head, shackled to the x-frame in soft leather cuffs. Her body naked except for the g-string; the soft white skin of her back contrasted with the reddening criss-cross design made with the signal tail. I stood about three paces behind her, holding the braided whip in my hands, armed and ready to throw with aimed precision.

"Not so hard," she whined.

A loud firecracker pop was my reply. Never touched the target, but her whole body jerked sideways as though I had. Mind-fuck at its finest. Again, I fired off another round. Pop! Crack! Crack! This round, contact was made. Sweet little diagonal stripes of red immediately appeared.

"Fuck you!" she yelled.

I rushed up, grabbed her hair at the nape of her neck and pulled back. In her ear, I whispered, "you wish." She turned her head to face me. Tears filled those phantom grey eyes and a knife stabbed my heart. I looked away quickly and returned my gaze. My hand loosened the grip of her hair, and I lightly stroked her back. Reactive to my touch, she tensed. I flashed a smile, winked and asked if she wanted to continue. She nodded and I kissed her cheek before returning to my position.

I raised my whip and fired another round. The unforgettable sound of the cracker breaking the sound barrier, turns heads in a crowd. Red marks appeared on her shoulder blades, which blended in with the array of others. She deliciously twisted and turned at each contact made. I paused and watched her settle into the groove, anticipating the next volley.

"Remember to breathe, my dear." I reminded her.

Instantly, I saw her back expand with as she took a deep breath. Love when they follow my orders. I felt the heat between my legs, the juices of my cunt gushed. Adrenaline charged through my body, quite the rush.

There was a pause as the pounding beat of the music faded; created a silence that reminded me of where I was. I walked a couple steps up to where my shackled beauty stood and placed my hand on her back. She flinched slightly. The heat of her back told me it was almost time to stop.

"How ya doing?" I asked.

She turned her head and I could see the dreamy look in her eyes. She was in ‘sub-space', floating high as the endorphins released. It was time to stop.

"I'm fine. I can handle some more." Nah, didn't want to give her everything the first time around. I reached up and released her cuffed wrist. I held her upright, as she stared around the room. She was no help either; she was ‘in the zone'.

"How are you?" Nothing, no sound. "Talk to me. Tell me how you're feeling."

"I feel fine," she replied. "Really."

She shuffled her feet to get comfortable as she waited while I removed the cuff. I could tell she was becoming more aware of her surroundings. She moved knowingly, without the carefree free fall when first released.

I held her around the waist and walked her a couple paces to the couch. She sat down heavily, and leaned back. Her eyes still had that ‘look',

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