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Not Another "First Time" Story (mm:first time, 12252 words)

Author: College girl
Added: Apr 18 2018Views / Reads: 907 / 645 [71%]Story vote: 9.78 (9 votes)
When my wife was out of town, my new friend and I do some exploration.

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His was the first penis I had ever sucked and I did it just like I liked mine to be pleasured.

I stroked the shaft with my fist as its spongy purple head filled my mouth, getting his organ erect for what was to come later - my complete indoctrination into the world of gay sex.

My tongue swirled around his cock head, savoring its soft texture.

I licked the thick veiny shaft, making it slippery with my saliva, imagining how this evening would proceed. Little by little more of his swelling cock filled my mouth as I tried to deepthroat him. He let out a moan so I knew my technique was what he wanted. In the dim light of the room I saw that he was watching his penis moving in and out of my mouth evaluating my technique, his eyes having adjusted to the darkness.

I put my fingers in the trimmed dark pubic hair around his dick, feeling its coarseness and moved to his scrotum, cradling his two weighty swollen, sperm-filled testicles and my tongue moved to them. I put them in my mouth, exploring them for a moment before returning my attention to his dick, my head bobbing up and down on it.

I licked all around the sensitive head, every once in a while putting it back into my mouth while I continued to massage his balls. His hand was on the back of my head, pushing me down on his growing erection, urging me to suck more of it, which I did, allowing more of it to slide down my throat, secretly wanting him to ejaculate in my mouth so I could have my first taste of another man's semen, but we knew it was too early for that. I wiped away the drops of precum with my tongue. He should probably save this load of sperm to deposit in my other opening later when I would completely surrender myself to him. I wanted to prolong his...and my...pleasure. Indeed, the evening had just begun.

Many times I had thought about this before but never expected to be actually having a gay sexual experience like this. His dick was rock hard as I stroked it, feeling its girth and wondering how it was going to feel as it penetrated me later. Would I be able to tolerate a real penis thrusting in my rectum? How much sperm would it ejaculate there? My own penis was now hard as I imagined the night's progression, plotting out the secret sexual acts in my mind.

When I was alone at home, I had greased my fingers with sex lube and inserted them into my butthole to test the feeling. I had even used one of my wife's dildos on myself, feeling it expanding my sphincter muscle, sliding it into my rectum, but I knew the soft rubber toy wouldn't offer the same feeling as a real flesh and blood penis moving in me, gently at first and then rougher as its owner neared his orgasm, his sperm ready to explode into me. I was so anxious to finally get the chance at that. This penis in my mouth hopefully would be the one.

I was happily married and we had known this guy for a long time and that he was bisexual. In a conversation at a party I jokingly asked if he could be discreet if we had gay sex. Of course, he said, and for the next couple of weeks it was the main topic as we secretly chatted on our iPhones, "joking" about what we would do when we were together, feeling each other out, testing the waters. It wasn't long before the conversations became explicit, filled with X-rated details. My interest in gay sex was piqued. He told me how much I would love having him suck my penis...that I'd never have a blowjob as good as his. I told him I wanted to reciprocate, using my tongue and mouth on his, ending with him shooting his sperm into my mouth. And anal sex: he promised that his hardon in my ass would feel so good; he said he would be gentle as he deposited his sperm in my rectum after fucking me for a long time. I could reciprocate on that too, butt-fucking him like I occasionally did my wife. I would usually masturbate after these late night sessions, in the bathroom before joining my wife in bed, my imagination creating various expanded scenarios of secret oral and anal sex, us doing things to each other, always ending in explosive ejaculations of sperm in body openings or on each other's body. The masturbatory orgasms were intense as I thought about him and his cock, imagining that he was receiving the blasts of sperm squirting from my dick into the wads of toilet paper. Sometimes, when I was having sex with her, my lustful fantasies would take me to him. It was his mouth on my cock when she gave me a blowjob and his anus, not her vagina, that I fucked and filled with my

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