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Giving into temptation: 7> The 3 cocks next door (fm:group, 6992 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: Apr 19 2018Views / Reads: 3425 / 2875 [84%]Story vote: 9.68 (25 votes)
Chores and Monday washday, seem a never ending ritual for Lisa Clifton, until, that is, the arrival of new neighbours and their two young sons who regularly play ball with a friend in their garden, especially on washday!

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Story outline: Chores and Monday washday, seem a never ending ritual for Lisa Clifton, until, that is, the arrival of new neighbours and their two young sons who regularly play ball with a friend in their garden, especially on washday!

With my husband out working until late from Monday to Friday, I'm very much what you would call the proverbial bored housewife. Monday's, which is when I do the laundry, are the worst. A few months ago, though, that all changed with the arrival of new neighbours.

A family of four with two sons who had yet to find a college. The parents both worked. In fact, they re-located to the area because of the husband's job.

The boys, one in his late teens while the other had turned twenty, would play ball in the garden. It was quite sunny and so they would just be wearing jog bottoms and trainers. Each one had well-defined muscles and a black body tone. As I hung out the washing, I caught myself staring at them, barely a drop of sweat on their bodies.

They must have made friends quite quickly, as presently there were three of them playing ball. The third one was just as muscular and dark as the brothers. He was also, not so much cheeky but flirtatious. In particular, with regard to my thongs as they hung out to dry. Although I just took it as innocent banter, it stirred something inside me.

The very next time Nigel and I had sex, that being all he had time for, I found myself imagining the three of them ravaging my body. That lead to a powerful orgasm, one that took Nigel by surprise more so than me.

The following Monday, I found myself putting on a short skirt over a powder pink thong and a tight fitting top that accentuated my braless tits before making a start on the washing. With my thongs and bras done, I put them in a basket and carried them out to be hung up.

"Morning, lads," I said, as I made my way down the garden path. "Looks like another sunny day. These should be dry in no time," I intoned and then placed the basket on the ground.

That night with Nigel, I was up on all fours for him as he thrust himself hard into my pussy. I imagined it was the three young lads from next door, each one taking turns with me and slamming his big black dick into my tight white pussy and doing it quite hard.

As the washdays continued to come around, so my skirts became ever shorter. In the end, I turned the waistband of the shortest one over and dared not to wear any panties. My skirt, what little there was of it, was the first thing their friend noticed. Rather than face them as I hung up the washing, I had my back to the fence. When I bent down to take the first item from the basket, a pink thong, I leant forward. That caused my skirt to ride up the backs of my thighs and give anyone looking a glimpse of my shapely ass and, beyond it, that of my pussy lips.

I heard whispering and then the sound of the ball being kicked or thrown stopped. I had a small captive audience, each one watching me as I leant down, picked up a thong and momentarily exposed my pussy and ass before straightening up to hang the item on the line. As I did so, I couldn't help but imagine each of them stroking their hard black dick. That, in turn, made me horny. There was still over six hours before Nigel was due home and another four before bed.

I turned, picked up the empty basket and smiled at them before going back inside. The next cycle had yet to finish. I put the basket on top of the washing machine and then placed my left foot on a chair. Uncontrollably, my fingers darted down and underneath my skirt. I was a horny mess as I stroked my clit and finally stabbed the fingers of my other hand into my dripping wet pussy.

I gasped, before, as and after I came. ‘Blessed relief,' I thought, if only for a while. I still had three more loads to hang out and then later, when they were dry, bring them all back in again. Oh well, I had the consolation of my audience, I smiled, as I let the drips from my flooded pussy trickle down my thighs.

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Jo Jo writes Fri 20 Apr 2018 08:31:

Another classic xxxx


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