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Chapter Eighteen. 2001 Part A. (fm:slut wife, 3398 words) [19/24] show all parts

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Hubby willingly cuckolded by Mr X, but with an unexpected outcome. An erotic encounter with Stephen D.

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Sandi's Erotic Adventures.

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Eighteen. 2001 Part A.

(January.) Douglas.

Douglas was as good as his word and I set off for another weekend in London, delighted that he'd managed to acquire two tickets for The Caretaker. Douglas could easily have bought three tickets but decided he didn't want hubby present, an arrangement John was happy to accept as it fitted his desire to be play the cuckold.

* * *

(April.) Mr. X, Mid-forties.

There was a Government Working Group led by a cabinet minister due to visit our region as part of their tour of the country looking at possible sites for government rejuvenation projects. The plan was that areas deemed suitable for regeneration would receive government funds to assist the growth of new industrial estates by offering tax breaks to new or expanding companies.

Hubby was selected by the local business federation to be a member of the team showing the minister and his colleagues around.

Naturally hubby was delighted to have been chosen but became even more enthusiastic on learning that the working group was headed by the RT Hon. *****, or Mr X as I'll call him for simplicity and anonymity, a well known member of the cabinet. Mr X also, according to hubby, had something of a reputation as a womaniser but had so far avoided any salacious gossip in the tabloids.

"So we would be assured of his discretion if you have a brief fling with him," John told me, going on to say how much it excited him to imagine being cuckolded by such a powerful figure as Mr X.

Having seen pictures of Mr X in the newspapers and also on TV a few times I knew him to be a handsome guy in his mid-forties. A snappy dresser and though coming across in interviews as a bit smarmy, at least in my opinion, he was undeniably attractive and personable. However, I was surprised that hubby could consider an adventure so close to home; in our own community in fact.

"I could offer him a session with you as inducement to look favourably on this area for government funds," hubby enthused. "The guy is hardly likely to talk about it under those circumstances is he." Initially shocked by hubby's proposal I didn't know what to say but eventually told him I'd play it by ear when we met the minister.

The working group was staying at one of the hotels in town where a meal had been arranged for them to meet local dignitaries, businessmen and their wives, hubby and I amongst them. It was planned as a sort of social event to set a relaxing tone ahead of the business to come and after the meal there was a chance to mingle. The men tended to stand around in groups talking business leaving we wives and girlfriends to amuse ourselves.

Eventually I found myself sitting alone at the bar waiting to be served when Mr X approached and asked if he could buy me a drink. I accepted his offer, remarking that my husband was talking business with his colleagues but should soon reappear.

Due to the position and magnitude of the guy he was quickly served and replying to my comment said, "Actually I don't think he will. Your husband is occupied in keeping the others out of my hair so you and I can have a little chat."

Surprised, I looked at Mr X and he went on, "Your husband offered me a session with you as inducement to look favourably on this area for our regeneration fund; I assume you know about his plan."

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