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Your sex or mine? (fm:one-on-one, 1235 words)

Author: Roy G Bef
Added: Apr 21 2018Views / Reads: 1495 / 1169 [78%]Story vote: 9.53 (17 votes)
I'm crazy about a girl with AGS. And strangely enough, she's wonderful.

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She was sitting across from me at Pizzeria Pinocchio in the Hague, the Netherlands. Boyish, short dark hair, t-shirt, small breasts. I was trying to impress her, and wondering how I was doing. I offered her a bite of my pizza, which she took. Then she offered me a bite of hers. All I really wanted was to get her into bed with me.

-Hey, Roy, she said, relax, it's cool. I like you. I really do.

When we'd finished our pizzas, she reached across the table, grasped my hand, gave it a squeeze and then let it go.

-Shall I pay? I asked.

-Split it? she replied.

After we had paid, she asked,

-Give you a lift back to Central Station?

So that was it. She was going to let me sit on the baggage carrier of her bicycle, wheel me to the nearest train station and then dump me.


A few minutes later we were standing at one of the entrances of the Hague CS. I hopped off her bike and gave her a kiss. After a breath, she gave me one back. Then another one, nice and long and with plenty of tongue. I wasn't used to performing oral erotics while dozens of train travelers walked past.

When we finally came up for air I asked,

-Wanna come home with me?

-This is my home town. My place is closer. Wanna come home with me?


I hopped back on the baggage carrier of her bike and we went back exactly the same way we came. Then we went around the Hofvijver and down Park Street. After that I lost track of where I was. It was dark and I was traveling sideways.

Maybe 10 minutes later she slowed down and stopped. She parked and locked her bike.

-This is my house.

-This monster is your house!?

-Yeah. I mean, I rent a room from the landlady who owns this house. She's OK. It's OK. Wanna come up?

-I'm not planning on walking back.

She looked at me as if to say,


But instead she said,

-Follow me.

We went inside and quietly walked upstairs in this huge house, reminding me of Tevye's wishes about staircases in Fiddler on the Roof. We arrived at her room.

We stripped down to our underwear and stood there, kissing, for a while.

-I have to tell you something, she said.

I waited.

-I've got AGS.

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