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Uncontrolled Experiment: Stood Up (fm:group, 7476 words)

Author: Ethereal
Added: Apr 21 2018Views / Reads: 2555 / 2119 [83%]Story vote: 9.58 (19 votes)
Eileen gets stood up at a bar for a first date. Her night changes when she and other patrons at the bar suddenly feel very, very randy...

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A new type of virus was discovered and examined. It held the secrets to health and cures to every disease tested. But it also unleashes the sexual instincts of those it infects, shattering all inhibitions. After a lab accident, the virus is loose in the populace.

And it's spreading.


It was a first for me. I had never done online dating. Part of me still thought it was a sign of being desperate. Even the casual apps just... turned me off.

But after two years with Raymond and six months without a date I felt... unwanted. Unattractive. Like the breakup was my fault (and it certainly was not!).

And so it was pretty shitty when my date, Luke, bailed on me. No call, no text. No word at all. Just didn't show up. A guy was breaking it off with me before we ever even met.

You can imagine just how wonderful I felt.

I sat at the bar for a good thirty minutes before I gave up. I finished a local beer and I was going to call it a night. I'd go home and watch something depressing and sulk. And that would be that.

I stepped out the door to leave when I heard some laughing to my right. A pack of people- I don't know, about a half dozen, were walking through the street as the last rays of sunlight stretched over the town.

And they were all totally naked.

Men and women, they laughed as they walked. They held onto each other by the arm, by the waist, by the shoulder... They were close. And they didn't care who saw them.

They were walking away, and I only saw their butts as they were going to turn the corner. But there was not doubt. They were naked!

Two women made the turn last, and one of them looked back at me as she rounded the building. She brushed some brown hair out of her face as she looked back, and I swear to God it was right at me. She was tall and wispy, and for a brief second as she looked back at me she smiled.

It was crazy.

So I went back inside.

Even with the nearby college that was a bit much. I walked up to the bartender, a guy probably over forty with a beefy build and a face that looked like he'd seen more than a few fights. "Is there some sort of naked walk tonight?" I asked.

He shrugged. "Naw. Why, you were looking for one?" He tried to hide it, but I noticed him give me a once-over. I was annoyed more than flattered. I'd dressed pretty and cute that night, with a light sleeveless dress that went down almost to my knees. I wore that along with some black flats and matching plastic frames. Sexy came after a first date.

Anyway, I ignored the bartender's stare and was about to head out when a guy almost bumped into me as I turned. "Hey," he said. "Are you alright?"

I looked at him. He was holding a beer, another brew from the same local label I bought earlier. He looked... average. Brown hair, average height, average weight... Plain? Looked like a young mid-twenties, so "boy next door," I supposed.

"Yeah, I'm just..." I trailed off.

"I saw you sitting there, and when you came back I just- just wanted to make sure you were okay." He offered a small, genuine smile.

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rocketman64 writes Mon 23 Apr 2018 20:55:

Awesome! My favorite series!


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