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Roxy's Discovery - Chapter Sixteen (ff:first time, 5855 words) [16/17] show all parts

Author: nudcjul
Added: Apr 22 2018Views / Reads: 320 / 173 [54%]Part vote: 10.00 (6 votes)
Roxy's second fantasy continues...

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Chapter Sixteen

Roxy knew what April wanted her to do and as much as it shamed her, it also excited her too. Reba was standing closer to her so she went to her first. She couldn't look her in the eye, as she reached up and began to unbutton her blouse. She saw Reba's chest beginning to move faster as her breathing quicken. She pushed the blouse off Reba's shoulders and Reba turned around so that she could undo her bra. Reba turned back so that Roxy could pull the bra off of her shoulders revealing Reba's breasts. She dropped the bra to the floor and then she cupped Reba's breasts in her hands and then she leaned in giving Reba's left nipple a kiss and then she sucked it into her mouth.

"Oh damn, your slut is great at sucking titties," Reba moaned and that coming from such a proper lady just made it sound even dirtier.

"Suck the other one now slut," she heard April tell her.

Roxy released the tit long enough to say, "Yes ma'am," before going to Reba's other nipple kissing and then sucking it into her mouth.

April allowed her suckle for a couple of moments before Roxy heard April say, "Now take her skirt and panties off and lick her pussy like a good slut maid should."

Roxy squatted down which wasn't easy with the damn heels on and she unzipped Reba's skirt pulling it down. She saw how wet Reba's panties were knowing that she was the cause. She reached up and slowly pulled Reba's panties down seeing her bare swollen pussy lips. Once she helped Reba from her panties, she saw Reba open her legs wide.

"Now do a good job licking her pussy, make her cum all over your slut maid face," April ordered her.

"Yes ma'am," Roxy said feeling the shame of being called a slut but also being aroused by the name.

Roxy put her hands to Reba's hips bring her face to Reba's wet pussy. She stuck out her tongue and began to lick the juices there. She heard Reba moan loudly and she licked in deeper and then sucked on her clit for a moment before going back to her pussy. Reba moaned louder and when she went back to her clit, she heard Reba let out a loud moan as her legs stiffened and then she felt her girlcum ooze from her pussy.

"Now lick Jody's pussy you fucking slut!" April ordered her.

Roxy looked over to see that Jody was already naked, slightly disappointed that she couldn't undress her too but obviously Jody couldn't wait any longer. "Yes Ma'am," Roxy said as Jody took Reba's place in front of her.

Roxy put her hands onto Jody's hips putting her mouth to Jody's wet pussy. She began to lick hearing Jody let out a loud moan. Jody was producing lots of juices and Roxy had trouble keeping up but she was doing her best.

When she went to Jody's clit to lick it, she heard Jody cry out, "Oh god the girls are going to love your slut maid, she'll be licking pussy all night long!"

Roxy let out a moan remembering the party that she was going to be helping with and all the women there. Of course, there was no party but she let her imagination run thinking of all those women and her forced service them all.

"Oh fuck, pull and twist my nipples harder!" Jody cried out and Roxy glanced up to see that Reba was behind Jody and her fingers were pinching and pulling on Jody's nipples. Roxy sucked Jody's clit into her mouth, sucking hard causing Jody to cry out loudly and then she felt her body stiffen as she came hard.

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