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In the Shadow of Destiny (fm:female domination, 8426 words)

Author: SavageHart
Added: Apr 22 2018Views / Reads: 998 / 675 [68%]Story vote: 9.58 (12 votes)
A sea-Captain is taken prisoner by a female Pirate! A thrilling story of mutiny, revenge and lust on the high seas.

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It was a ship built for speed rather than load bearing capacity. One of the masts had fallen due to high winds and one sail appeared to be ripped from the middle. As it limped towards the harbor jetty, it was obvious that it had taken a storm beating. A crowd of desperate bread winners began to gather at the docks. Most were loaders, repairmen and free laborers hoping to offer their services to make a quick buck while others were pimps, pickpockets and thieves.

Devil's Rock was an island with a bad reputation. It did not exist on navigational maps and most shipmen who had sailed passed it would describe it as a rock jutting out of the sea. No agriculture was possible and nothing grew on it. Everything came in ships. Population comprised of less than a few hundred souls and most of the economy was supported by a black-market of stolen goods. Pirates who robbed ships from across the seas would bring their loot on Devil's Rock and if there was a place to purchase robbed treasures, it was here.

The ship stopped at the dock and its crew began to rope it in. It did not take them more than a few minutes to have it tightly secured to the dock.

They called him Lord Kormano and he was a tall bearded man with long back-combed hair that curled below his ears. His demeanor was calm but his mannerism left no doubt that he was always in control. As a sea lord, he had the reputation of being one of the most capable and daring captains. His ship, Destiny would sail the great oceans to far away lands that were the subject of folklore and legends. He never carried bulk consumer goods like spices or rice for Destiny was never built as a load bearing ship. Instead he would return with small items that would sell at a very high price. Rare stones, gems, hand woven carpets and jewels would be the load that Destiny was known for. Built for sheer speed, it would outrun any pirate ship that would engage in a chase. Yet there was one weakness. Destiny could not handle storms as well as bigger vessels. When the storm came, Destiny would need land.

After taking storm damage for five days, Destiny needed repairs. While Devil's Rock was not the place where it would normally rest, her injuries left her no choice. Besides the broken mast and the torn sail, it had leaks that needed to be plugged. The crew had been working tirelessly during the storm to keep her afloat. As Lord Kormano looked at the other ships that were docked, his eyes rested on the large, dark wooded vessel.

"My Lord ...the Shadow." Sagat Almanari said as he moved beside Kormano.

"Are you sure?" Kormano asked as he examined the vessel.

"No doubt my Lord!" Sagat said. "These are the same pirates that gave us chase in the high seas before the storm.

Kormano began to feel uneasy.


"I do not want blood!" Aleeya said as she walked around the tent with a sword in her hand, almost naked and sweaty. She was obviously out of breath from the fencing practice and sweat was causing her athletically sculpted body to shine. Jagaru, her favorite sparring partner looked on with a feeling of lust and humiliation. She had led him to the point of fatigue before tagging him straight through the heart. Had it not been for the leather padded wooden shield that he wore on his chest, her blade would have gone through his heart. He now stood there out of breath, aroused and humiliated as he watched her parade around victoriously. "We are pirates." She said. "We raid at the sea where laws of the land do not apply. When we do the same on land, we subject ourselves to the laws of that place and ... we lose that land forever."

He realized the wisdom in her words. She wore loose trousers that we so thin and damp that he could easily make out the shape of her toned legs. His eyes wandered higher to her tight stomach showing a hint of abs and finally rested on the leather brasier that contained her breasts. He wondered how her nipples would look. Would they be large and pink? Or erect and brown? "I will do whatever you demand Amarissa."

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