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Vanessa's Evolution (part 1 of 3) (fm:slut wife, 2686 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: SteveTheBull Picture in profile
Added: Apr 22 2018Views / Reads: 1650 / 1206 [73%]Part vote: 9.33 (15 votes)
A wife's fantasies about being with a porn star add some spice to a married couple's love life

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"Anything?" Alan asked.

"Within reason," Vanessa replied. "But because it's your birthday, I think we can be pretty liberal on what ‘within reason' means," she said, smiling as she nuzzled her husband's neck.

The late morning light was coming through the window in their bedroom, and the two lay lazily in bed, catching their breath after an athletic round of morning lovemaking. It was Alan's 35th birthday, and his wife of six years had just told him what his present would be. She would fulfill any secret sexual fantasy of his, with almost no limits.

This was a big step. Vanessa, seven years younger than Alan, was a very sexy woman. With cinnamon skin, brown hair and green eyes, she made an impression on every man who saw her — especially if she was wearing clothes that showed off her 34D breasts or her firm, curvy bottom.

Vanessa looked like a vixen, but in truth her sexual experience was fairly limited. Alan had been only her third boyfriend, and after a few years of marriage, their sex lives had settled into a repetitive and somewhat uninspired rhythm. Lately, the two had been spicing things up a bit. But if she was going to offer to fulfill any fantasy that Alan chose to name... well, he knew immediately what he was going to ask for.


Six months earlier, they watched a black-on-blonde porn, starring Gregory Pecker. Vanessa had commented on the porn star's enormous cock. Although her remark was to the effect that no normal woman could take a dick that big, Alan thought he had heard a note of awe, and —did he imagine it? — desire in her voice. The next day, he ordered a 9" dildo molded on Gregory Pecker's cock. When it arrived, he challenged her to take it all.

Once she overcame her embarrassment, she lubed the tip and put it between her legs. Its thick head was far larger than Alan (or any of her previous boyfriends, for that matter), and she was not prepared for how hard she would have to push just to get it inside, or for the sharp pain she felt as it slid into her. She closed her eyes. She breathed, collected herself and relaxed. As she pulled it out, she felt a sensation she had never felt before, as the bulbous head pulled her labia outward, before they opened up to let it through. "Too big for you?" Alan teased.

"No," she replied, "I just need a sec." She pushed it inside herself again. This time, she was not just ready for the sensation, she was eagerly looking forward to the feeling of fullness. She closed her eyes, imagining the porn star, as the thick head of the dildo slid into her. By the time she had pushed it another two inches in, it was as deep as Alan's 6 inches had ever reached. She was in heaven, and her pussy was in overdrive to lubricate itself.

Alan's hard-on strained out as he watched the black shaft emerge from his petite wife's snatch, glistening in her love juices.

Vanessa was usually vocal when they were having sex but now, she was making a quiet, whimpering sound as she worked the dildo in and out of herself. Her eyes were tightly shut. Suddenly, her voice crescendoed as she picked up her pace. Alan watched as his wife's pussy juice formed a thick white ring near the base of the dildo. Suddenly, her body went stiff and she stopped moaning, as she pulled the big rubber cock into herself. Then she let out a deep sigh of release as her hips bucked back and forth, working her imaginary lover's cock all around the depths of her pussy.

When she had finished cumming, she lay there, breathing heavily. Her face glistened with sweat. She looked like she had just been at the gym for a half hour. In fact, this had all happened in less than two minutes. Alan had never seen her cum so quickly, or so intensely.

Vanessa eased her grip on the toy. As it slid out of her pussy, Alan noticed how lifelike the thick black cock looked now that it was covered in his wife's juices. As it continued to emerge, her thick white cream dripped down to her ass, and Alan could not help but

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little sexy writes Mon 7 May 2018 04:27:

This story is great a big dock does make a different?


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