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Creating an Addiction part 2 - A hotwife tale (fm:slut wife, 5151 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: dirty geezer
Added: Apr 23 2018Views / Reads: 1321 / 880 [67%]Part vote: 9.69 (13 votes)
Continuing the story of how I created the cock craving hotwife of my dreams, with more than a little help from my fuck slut buddy. Our devious plan continues… Reading part 1 will help this make sense!

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Intro: Read part 1! This is the story of how a slut fuck buddy of mine (Sam) helped me devise a plan to turn my wife (Nat) into a hotwife/slutwife, with the help from her ex boyfriend (Ritchie). In this part the plan starts to work... and we come to a cross-roads.


The events of that night with Sam kept me hot for days, no weeks later - the conversation with Sam and the words on those text messages making me obsessive about turning my wife into a true cock and cum slut. Every time I let myself imagine her giving herself to pleasure, with me and others, my cock ached it got so hard. It wasn't just about me, I wanted my wife Nat to discover a source of pleasure, guilt-free fucking and more orgasms than any one man could give a woman.

Unfortunately, it was weeks later and I was beginning to wonder if Sam and I had misjudged everything, as I'd not heard much back from her, and hadn't really noticed any change in my wife. Had Sam been able to even get Richie to contact my wife Nat? Yes, Nat still spent a little time on her tablet when at home, but nothing more than I'd noticed before, and I'd not noticed any difference in her demeanour or her sexual appetite, so there were no signs she was either chatting with another guy or feeling guilty.

It was making it hard to concentrate at work - every free moment when I wasn't concentrating my thoughts wondered back ... had Richie sent that first Facebook message? Had my wife even remembered their previous chats - and would she want to chat with him now or would she run the proverbial mile? I had sent Sam the odd poke to try and get something out of her, but she was even busier than me at work, and I knew not to push it. A week later and I'd pretty much given up on this as just a dirty fantasy when I checked my ‘other' e-mail - and there it was, Sam's name and the subject "contact made". My heart was racing as I opened the e-mail and scanned it.

"Richie as contacted Nat - in fact, there's been a few messages back and forth from what he's told me. Sounds like Nat was pretty cool with him at first, but he's a bit of a charmer, and won her over with some friendly chat. He's shown me some of their messages, and you'll be pleased to know she's responding with her own quite flirty messages now. Stage 1 achieved. I've told him to slowly remind her of their fun before, and to suggest it would be fun to start again. I'll be back with an update next week. Sam xxx"

Phew, so this was really happening - excitement, a little jealousy, and a feeling of nerves hit me hard, my hands were shaking as I closed down my e-mail. I had to keep telling myself that a few Facebook messages were hardly anything serious, and didn't mean every step of our naughty plan would work out. After all, I was gambling that Nat still had that naughty streak in her which had allowed her to chat with guys and talk dirty all those years before. Could she unleash that naughty girl again - could she become a slut? Time would tell, and it would be a tough wait I was sure!

* ----- *

A couple of weeks later and my spider senses were buzzing; well they would be if I had superpowers. I'd started to pick up on little changes in my lovely wife Nat - subtle at first, but slowly things were adding up. She was spending more time on her tablet, and rather than just scrolling she was typing more on the screen and was being careful to keep what she was doing secret from me. I caught her grinning when reading, and sometimes squirming where she sat, and I could only imagine she was getting dirty messages from her online lover, making her pussy twitch with excitement. I knew the signs, her grinding her thighs together trying to satisfy that itch. On those evenings, she was keen to get to bed early, and she jumped on me urgently getting me hard, and her pussy was on fire and soaking as she lowered herself onto my cock, making us both groan with the pleasure. We fucked hard and fast, I guessed Nat needed to cum after hours of being teased and not being able to touch herself without giving the game away to me. She shook as she ground her clit against me, exploding with such force she squirted a little, soaking my cock and balls, making me cum hard too, filling her with my spunk as she groaned and collapsed down on my chest, her breath ragged.

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