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Vanessa and Alan become porn stars (fm:interracial, 4748 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: SteveTheBull Picture in profile
Added: Apr 23 2018Views / Reads: 1272 / 908 [71%]Part vote: 9.64 (22 votes)
A married couple hire a porn star to film a custom scene.

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"And... action!"

Alan and Vanessa, kneeling on the bed, started to kiss each other gently. They kissed more deeply, and Alan began to unbutton his wife's shirt. As he opened her third button, her ful breasts pushed the shirt wide open. Her hand drifted to her underpants, and she unconsciously began to finger herself. With her eyes closed, she continued to kiss her husband. Her pussy was incredibly wet, and her middle finger slipped easily inside.

Alan now had his head between her breasts, as he unclasped her bra. The camera zoomed in. Vanessa's bosom filled the screen. Her areolas peaked out from under the low cut lace bra she wore. It's new, bright white contrasted with her cinnamon skin, and the dark purple of her nipples. When Alan finished removing her bra, her breasts fell free. For a woman in her mid-30s, they were remarkably pert especially at a D cup. He sucked in a nipple, pushing his face into her cleavage. With her free hand, Vanessa cupped her other breast, and gently pinched its nipple.

"OK, now lie down on the bed. Alan, you're on top. Let's wrap up the kissing and move on to 69."

Alan pushed Vanessa on her back. As he made his way down her tummy, he grabbed hold of her panties and pulled down. She lifted her butt to make it easier. As he slid down to pull them off, he caught a whiff of her pussy. For a moment, he was caught off guard. She smelled strongly, pleasantly, of sex. She hadn't smelled like this since the first few times they had made love. It was a smell he associated with her at her at her most uninhibited in bed. He hadn't smelled it in years.

He stood, slipped quickly out of his clothes, then jumped on the bed next to his wife. His cock was throbbingly hard. Worried about performance anxiety in front of the cameras, he had taken Gregory Peck's advice and taken a little yellow pill an hour ago, while the camera crew was getting set up. Now he was glad he'd done that. He put his rock hard cock in front of his wife's face, as a cameraman walked around him to zoom in.

Then Alan kissed up her thighs until his mouth was by her pussy. He inhaled deeply her smell was incredible. He felt her begin to play with his dick. She grabbed his shaft firmly and pulled his foreskin up, and sucked his head into her mouth. She released her grip, letting his foreskin slide back, and hungrily rolled her tongue in circles around the slippery head of his cock.

Alan pulled the hood of Vanessa's clit up, and took it in his mouth. He sucked on it gently, and could feel the vibration of his wife moaning on to his cock. One of her hands went to his balls, while the other gripped his shaft and began jerking his dick into her mouth. As Alan's tongue worked in circles around her clit, her pace increased. Alan could tell she was heading for an early orgasm. He always loved this part. When he ran his tongue down her slit, her legs grew tense. Alan could not believe how wet she was. She tasted incredible. He went back to her clit.

Meanwhile, Vanessa continued working his cock with her hand, taking her mouth off it to lick around and under his balls. "She's really putting on a show," Alan thought.

As he was thinking that, she looked straight into the camera while she sucked both his balls into her mouth and slowly worked her hand up and down his shaft. He seemed to feel thicker than usual, and she imagined for a moment that she was with a different man just then, not her husband. "Well, soon enough," she thought to herself. Thinking of what was to come, she enthusiastically licked her way up to the tip of his straining cock, then bobbed her head down and took as much of her husband into her mouth as she could. Her lips nearly reached to his base. She had never been able to deepthroat, but that didn't stop her from trying now.

Alan picked up his pace, and could feel his wife's breathing grow quicker and shallower. He increased the pressure of his tongue against her clit, and was gratified by the feeling of her body beginning to go

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