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Fucking The Boss. It's Such A Cliché (fm:adultery, 7668 words)

Author: NoSayQuien Picture in profile
Added: Apr 24 2018Views / Reads: 4702 / 3969 [84%]Story vote: 9.58 (45 votes)
My husband's boss is a real "take charge" kind of guy!

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It is such a common story. I do know that; I know it. Fucking the boss! Well...even more than that: fucking your husband's boss!

I do know it happens. I have read the stories, and I have heard about it from my friends. I know it's actually pretty common. So, it is just a cliché, right? It happens all the time; I know!

But listen. It may be a cliché. It may be commonplace, but my heart is hammering. My face is all flushed, and I am literally feeling dizzy. Fuck! I am so frantic. I can't even think straight, and my cunt is gushing like crazy into my black silk panties.

It's going to happen. I know it! It's going to happen! Steve's boss is going to be here any minute. Really!

Steve, my husband, is gone. He's off to Europe. He left this morning and he was so full of himself. It's a big assignment," he said. "A huge privilege." "The boss has such confidence in me."

Oh, yeah. Right! That's what Steve has been telling me. "The boss has really put his faith in me on this one." That's what Steve thinks this big trip is all about.

Steve doesn't have a fucking clue! His "big assignment" means this: Philip, who is Steve's boss, is going to fuck my needy cunt! Philip is going to fuck me! That's what this is really all about!

Have a nice trip, Steve! Right now, I am waiting for your boss, right here in our own home. I am dying for it, too, Steve. I am frantic for it. I am dying for Philip to show up and put his big, fat prick right into my pretty little adulterous pussy. Right here, Steve! Right in our sacred marriage bed! Oh fuck, I'm frantic. I want his fucking cock so bad!


Let me go back and tell it from the start. In one way, it's a rather long story.

My name is Susan. I am thirty-seven years old, and I am married to Steve, who is forty. We have been married for twelve years. We don't have any kids. Steve is an attorney, working his way up in one of the City's bigger law firms. He makes a lot of money and has just been named a junior partner in the firm. He does mergers and acquisitions for all these high-tech companies, if you know what that is. Big businesses eating each other up, mainly. Huge corporate mergers and sales, and "going private," "going public." I don't really get it, to tell the truth. I teach elementary school, and I love it, and that's where I put my focus I have never paid much attention to the specifics of Steve's work assignments.

In terms of a physical description, I am 5'8," and I am in really great shape. I run with the local track club and do at least one marathon a year. I do weight training at the local 24-Hour and I weigh 122 pounds. I have a thirty-six-inch bust, and a twenty-four-inch waist, and I have a really great ass, if I do say so myself. I get my share of appreciative glances, and some more direct come-ons, too, but I have been the prototypical faithful wife.

Up until now, that is!

I started thinking about fucking around on Steve about two years ago, and not "thinking about it" like making a plan to do it, but just letting the thought enter my mind. Why? You might well ask that since I hadn't ever thought about that possibility before. You can blame my girlfriends for my new and expanded consciousness!

A couple of years ago, I started doing the "girls get together" thing with my friends Louise, Thea, and Vandy. It has been every two weeks, pretty much without fail. I think it was Vandy's idea. I have known all three of them since college, and we all live in the Bay Area. Thea, actually, is also an attorney; Vandy does advertising; and Louise has been a stay at home mom.

Sometimes, when we get together, they might bring a friend from their

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