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Her Name Is Holly 1 (fm:romantic, 7920 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: jwdoney
Added: Apr 25 2018Views / Reads: 2059 / 1329 [65%]Part vote: 9.69 (29 votes)
The story you didn't ask for, and I never expected to write! Picking up the pieces from K IS FOR KENNEDY and S IS FOR SARA, any hint will spoil the surprise, and this one is all real... all too real... and the last thing I ever expected.

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For you to understand and appreciate the bulk of this story and the background it depends on, you need to have read ALICIA AND THE BIKINI STORE, HOLLY AND JOSH as well as K IS FOR KENNEDY and S IS FOR SARA. All parts of all four stories are in the archives and are some of my best writing, including two of the best (and favorite) characters I have ever created, Holly and Julie. I will do my best to explain in this story for the few who have not read AATBS, H&J, KIFK or SIFS, but you really need to know who Kennedy is. More importantly... you really, REALLY need to know who Holly is! Just to clarify. Kennedy is real, Holly is a fictional character.

This is a work of fact, reality and truth, based on nothing because it actually happened exactly as described. Even the embarrassing and not so flattering parts. No names have been changed, and any descriptions that differ from what I have previously written, described or posted are writers choice. This is a bold chance I am taking telling so much truth, but even I could not make up what you are about to read. Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement.

You probably already know this, but my name is Joe, I am 48 years old, divorced, in decent shape, stand 5' 11" with short graying black hair, and have a chaotic off and on relationship with Kennedy. In case you forgot, Kennedy is 40 years old, and a most definite MILF, especially since she has two amazing children. 5' 10" with long brown hair and a nice body, in a world where I write about 11's on a 10 scale, in reality Kennedy is a solid 8 and I am lucky to know her. Unlike the perfect supermodels I write about, very few hotties actually exist, and while the 9's are rare and taken, the 10's are high maintenance, air brushed, and have a waiting list. My ex-wife Jennifer was a strong 8, Linda was a 7, and either you get my point or you never will. Back to Kennedy, we break up more than we go out, she is the bane of my existence, i'm a pain in her ass, and when we're not fighting, we screw like horny teenage rabbits.

Whatever you have read in the K IS FOR KENNEDY and S IS FOR SARA stories is true and really happened. You also know if you read LOOSE ENDS 1 that my father passed, Sara left the picture, and no matter how much we bicker, Kennedy and I end up together in some way or form. I am literally free to see or date whoever I want, same goes for Kennedy, and when we can we get together, mostly to hook up. Sex is the only thing we don't argue about, and on a good week, we might go three or four days without a blowout. On the flip side, sometimes we go a few days or even a week without seeing each other, talking, and sometimes we don't even text. This story isn't about Kennedy, or some ridiculous tale of how she shared me with someone, but there is no way to tell the truth and not talk about Kennedy. We're friends with benefits who cannot seem to stop bickering long enough to maintain an actual relationship. And... like magnets, we can't seem to stay apart very long.

Get it, got it, good!

So, several months have gone by since my father passed. The greatest man I know, I can only wish to be half the man he was. My marriage lasted 17 years and ended in divorce. Dad's marriage to mom went 35 years and was rock solid until the day the Lord took him. Why does this matter? Because I have been restless, listless, and in some cases hopeless with the failed idea that there might be someone for me. God love her, but Kennedy is not that person, and we both agree that eventually the friends with benefits will run it's course. Rather than bore everyone with a long opening (I'm looking at you Dennis), I will tell the story as I tell the story. Make sense? After the fallout and life change in the wake of my dad passing, as well as the huge blowout Kennedy and I had last Fall, I worked for a temp agency from November through the end of January. Then out of nowhere and from hundreds of applications and resumes that I had submitted, I got a really good job at a local hotel. Big name, well known, well respected. It wasn't full time per se, so I had to take a second job, and within a few weeks found it at a local family owned and well known pharmacy. Both jobs are not only important factors in this story, but in my life.

As for the hotel, I average 32 to 38 hours and truly like it. Since I know you read my erotic stories to learn about minutiae and minor details, I'll be sure to bore you completely. Or... I could get to the

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