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The Parents After School Club (the Initiation pt1) (ff:infidelity, 3878 words)

Author: MagpieAmy69
Added: May 02 2018Views / Reads: 865 / 728 [84%]Story vote: 9.73 (11 votes)
A housewife notices her friend behaving oddly and ends up joining a group of local parents who have a sex club

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"Am I......missing something?" I nervously asked my friend Maxine as I fiddled with a cigarette. "What do you mean?" She looked puzzled as she sipped her coffee. "You know.....I.....you.....oh shit." I sighed, "some mornings it seems like........there's something going on.......with you and.....some of the other Mums. All......secretive and shit."

Maxine just shook her head, "You are just being paranoid.......it's just kids stuff.....you know; after school things."

"I don't know." I took a drag of my cigarette, "Some days.....you just disappear without a word. "

Maxine waved her hand to dismiss my concerns and swifty changed the subject.

I'd known Max since our own schooldays and now our kids went to the same school alongside a few other Mums we would meet a couple of mornings a week for a coffee; but recently she had been making excuses and driving off with someone else without even a bye your leave; and some mornings when I walked in the cafe she would be talking to other parents and they would go suspiciously quiet when I joined them. It was all beginning to be a bit like my last year at school twenty years ago; when I was left out of the 'cool kids gang.'

Over the next couple of weeks I became even more suspicious of not just Max but some others, who on the surface were always polite and said 'Good morning' and just like Maxine would occasionally disappear straight after dropping the kids off or would look very secretive when talking to a couple of the Dads, making my paranoia go onto red alert.

Eventually I was sitting outside the cafe alone with Max and I blurted out; "You know a couple of weeks ago I asked what you were getting up to without me....well.......Something IS going on.....tell me; why am I being left out?"

She glared at me then shook her head; "It's all in your mind." "No it isn't." I insisted as I turned and turned my cup, "I thought we were supposed to be going to the supermarket yesterday and......then I saw you talking to Jasper's Dad then get into his car." I shrugged my shoulders and looked her straight in the eye, "and you didn't return any of my calls all day.".

Before she could reply another Mum, Helen sat next to us without asking. "Everything OK ladies?" She smiled; and began taking about our kids. After another coffee and more inane conversation I had to leave for an optician's appointment.

That afternoon when I was back at the school gates Max sidled up; "We need to talk." She half whispered.

"Go on then." "Not here." She continued; "Can I phone you tonight?" "Of course." I replied; more confused than ever. Why would my friend need an appointment to phone me? "Is Alex home?" "No; he's away until Monday night." "Kids in bed about 7?" I nodded. This was really weird. Satisfied she patted me on the back and confirmed she would call about 8.

Max is a year younger than me and I'm Amber, 36. She's been divorced twice whereas I've been happily married for 12 years to Alex who's a coach driver for a holiday company, often staying away from home three or four nights a week and occasionally longer on European jaunts. I'm a little bit taller than my friend with short brown hair and 34c boobs and while I try to eat well since I changed jobs last year and now work 6-10 in a supermarket and have put a few extra pounds on, now making me a busty size 12 and she is still a slim size 8 to 10 with short rusty coloured hair. Even at our ages I think we still look attractive when dressed up for a night out; but in my care they were becoming a rare commodity.

With the kids tucked up in bed and hubby called too, I sat with a glass of wine in hand staring at my phone. 8 o'clock came and went but it finally rang at 8.20.

"Hi." I answered as friendly as possible. "All clear?" "Yes.....of

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eddtheduck writes Tue 22 May 2018 15:28:

Great story like the idea, very sexy...really looking forward to the next chapter.


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