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Filled by more: 1> Privates on parade (fm:group, 4488 words)

Author: Chris-t6290 Picture in profile
Added: May 03 2018Views / Reads: 2956 / 2592 [88%]Story vote: 9.74 (27 votes)
Making out and getting hot and heavy with her soldier boyfriend in the barracks, they are presently disturbed and joined by three of his fit and muscular strapping army buddies.

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For your total reading pleasure and experience, the following well-written erotic story has been checked with Grammarly, a renowned on-line grammar and spell checker, while British English spelling has been used for all but one word (ass). Thank you, and enjoy reading this prolific author's latest offering and accordingly cast a vote for it at the end if you so wish.

Story outline: Making out and getting hot and heavy with her soldier boyfriend in the barracks, they are presently disturbed and joined by three of his fit and muscular strapping army buddies.

Author's note: Although most of the stories in this short series of five adhere to the original series title, ‘Ganged by more', I subsequently found myself having to change it to what it now is: ‘Filled by more (when 1 just won't do)'.

Be assured, each story features horny sluts being mercilessly gangbanged and taken in all their horny wet holes, just as my readers come to expect and enjoy. So, sit comfortably and get ready to enjoy the first story in this all new collection - you won't be disappointed.

Privates on parade:

I can't believe how lucky I am, and that is saying something. There I was, three months ago, in yet another wine bar having been dumped by my most recent boyfriend. For some unexplainable reason, relationships don't last long for me. He even had the audacity to say it wasn't me but him. He needed a change was his excuse. The luck, though, came in the form of hunky smouldering Jordan. A soldier no less and of all people. He was big and muscular in all departments. When it came to bumping pelvises, he was dedicated to my pleasure while I so loved a man in uniform, even insisting that he kept most of his on as he laid it to me with his big long cock.

It has the most amazing soft warm head. It sends tingles through my pussy and along my spine whenever I touch it. When I feel it push against my tight wet hole, I can't help but cream for him. As for the actual sex itself, with Jordan, it is certainly out of this world. The best I've ever had and that's saying a lot.

At the weekend, mostly, we would meet up at the bar near his army post and every so often run into his army friends. Each one was as young and strapping as Jordan while some of them were black. Seeing them all dressed up in their army fatigues got me hot and wet. That led to some impulsive sex, encouraged on my part and sometimes in a deserted public place.

On one particular occasion, Jordan sneaked me back to his barracks. It felt adventurous, like a secret mission and soon we were kissing and running our hands over one another's bodies.

"Oh, Debra, you're so fucking sexy, I just want to eat you," Jordan said, as his left hand caressed my firm breast and his other hand searched beneath my skirt for my thong, which, by then, was quite damp against my shaved mound.

Although I was horny, not to mention both warm and moist between my thighs, I stopped his advancement, saying, "What if someone comes in?"

"It's the weekend. We're all alone. No one's going to come in," he assured me, his hand fondling my shapely tit all the more firmer while flicking my distended nipple with his thumb. Jordan sure knows how to press my buttons, and right then, as his hand crept ever closer to its destination - my heated wet cunt - I felt ever more powerless to have him stop.

"Okay, then, but let's just keep our clothes on, just in case, alright."

"Sure, so long as I can get at that deliciously wet pussy of yours," he said, agreeably, and with that, I relaxed my legs and even moved them further apart. It was risky, I know, but, well, I so wanted Jordan right then. To stroke him, to suck him and taste him. He had the most sweetest cum I had ever swallowed, rich and creamy, yummy.

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nosympathy writes Sat 19 May 2018 10:12:

Great start!


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