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Wine, Porn Movies and "Mary Jane" don't always mix (fm:sex with toys, 1323 words)

Author: Anonymous
Added: May 04 2018Views / Reads: 835 / 645 [77%]Story vote: 8.56 (9 votes)
Mid to late thirties couple find hidden pleasures......but it eventually brings the union to an end, going separate ways.

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Everyone has a story. It might sound like any other.....but.....it is mine.

I'm John and my (ex)wife is Francis, Fanny, or just plain Fan. Married late in life, late 20's, jumped on each others bones....lots.....four or five times a week. It tapered off after awhile, but still had great sex. Fan lost her Dad at a young age and never really got "over it". The fact he was so young. After time, I'd start finding those little wine coolers here and there all over the house. Cabinets, bath cabinet, night stands, book cases.....and so forth. NOT a drunk....just liked to drink at the house. Never outside of the house. Sometimes, I'd come home from work and find her making dinner in only her bra and panties....and a little "tipsy". I'd ask what's for dinner, she'd smile and answer...."not much, it's the dessert ", smiling and grabbing my crotch. Sure enough, it'd be a GREAT fuck session, lasting a long, long time.

This was fine for a few years.....then we experimented with Mary Jane.....and that really heightened the ole drive. I'd have her act out "slut" skits....paying her money for sex, like she was a hooker.....then treated her like one. Dress up in all kinds of outfits, as well as me.....

Then one day I asked Fan if she ever saw a Porno Movie. She said years ago in college, that was it. "Well let's spice it up and watch another one" I said, both of us high as a kite. It would be a few weeks, but I finally brought one home, and pushed it in the ole' VCR. (remember those?). It was plugged in with our 28" TV near the end of the bed. It was all the same stuff WE did, but it looked good watching "others". Fan never was big of oral sex, but she slowly got the hang of it, especially when I got that clit of hers swollen with my tongue and better when I shaved her pussy when she was passed out one night.

I believe her blow jobs got better from watching the movies. After time, I swear she was competing with the slut on the movie, while sucking me off.....damn, I thought she'd suck my balls though my 7" cock a times. Fan never complained about my size, seemed to please her just fine.

THEN....one section of the movie highlighted BIG COCKS. I was fucking her from behind, like a dog, really going at it....and I thought the scene would be a different position, which we would change as well.....then.......this muscular, fit, ab ripping guy was making out with this Blonde. As always, she worked herself to her knees, and played with this huge bulge in these speedos. Eventually pulling them down and his BIG DICK popped out smacking her in the forehead. She instantly starting sucking it. "OMG" Fan said out lout...."are you fucking kidding me? That can't be real .... is she really going to fuck that?" adding. I could see Fan's eyes widen, cause our reflection was coming off our bureau mirror.

In the movie, they got on the bed, him on his back...."climb aboard" he said.....the Blonde did....slowly inserting....then more and more. Her moaning all the time....the going into a full blown horse bouncing, almost jumping up and down, hollering all the time. He reached up and squeezed those nipples of hers....and shortly thereafter....someone was coming......sliding down that big cock of his. FAN.....on the other hand, was now pushing back hard. Harder and harder, as to compete with the movie. I had NO complaints.

Then in the movie, he pushed her on her back....and entered her. Legs over his muscular shoulders, his hands behind Her shoulders.....like he Pinned her in a wrestling match....."like this cock....don't ya babe......like it" he taunted her....her answer was panting, but with a "yes" every time It was basic lines..... "who owns this pussy" "you do" "Who wants this cock" "I do" "better than your Husbands?" "oh GOD yes.....far better....take me"

WOW, she clearly had a Diamond and Band on so the thought was Husband & Wife.

He then turned her over and fucked her like a dog.....taunting her all the time. He fucked her LONG and HARD. Pulling her hair, smacking her ass, reaching around and rubbing her pussy.

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