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Bridge Of Sighs (fm:older women/men, 5752 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: Jo Jo Picture in profile
Added: May 05 2018Views / Reads: 2294 / 1915 [83%]Part vote: 9.72 (50 votes)
A romantic trip with a near stranger twice my age to Venice. WOW

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It was 1997 so I was 20 or 21, and I won from work an all expenses paid (as in flights and hotel, not spending money) 7 day trip to Venice. This was for me plus one. I didn't have a boyfriend, and all my mates were still students, and could not afford to go with me.

So, rather than waste the place, I had to find someone. I was racking my brains when a very nice and attractive manager stopped by my desk to ask for a report.

I'd been drinking with him, in company, from time to time, so I knew he was divorced, unattached and solvent. He'd never ever come on to me, so I knew he wasn't a perve or a lech, either. All I had to do was work up the courage to ask!

The next time he stopped by my desk I made sure the letter awarding me the trip was prominently displayed there.

He could not help but comment:

"Oh, congratulations, Jo. How fabulous! Are you taking a boyfriend?"

"I don't have one" I smiled

"How come?" he asked, simply.

"Well...I split up with my ... childhood sweetheart, kind of thing, and I've been out with a few guys, and (sigh) had one or two.. one night stands, you know, but no, there is not one to take. My girlfriends are all students, so they can't afford the spending money, and I can't sub them, not on Modern-Apprentice wages"

"I see" he said "Well...something will come up !" and he made to leave

"YOU don't have the leave for it do you?" I ventured

"I have more leave owing than I would ever take!" he replied "BUT.. I'd be no fun, boring old git like me!"

"Richard! You're not boring, you always make me laugh.. and you're always NICE to me" I assured him "Do you fancy it?"

His eyes scanned over me, and landed where I was exposing some stocking top. He averted his eyes lightning-quickly.

I thought: ' I could have some FUN here '

I thought:

Either : He DOESN'T fancy me, in which case he fucking well will when I make sure he accidentally sees me naked! Anyone, male OR female, would have wanted to fuck me when I was 21 and they saw me naked.

OR: He DOES fancy me, and he's trying his very best not to be lecherous, because I am 21 years younger and he doesn't feel quite right about it, in which case I will tease him mercilessly, without admitting that I am.

Bitch, eh?

Heh heh.

So Richard suggested we go for a drink to discuss it, so he took me to the Barnt Green Inn, over by his house and got me quite drunk, and he still never flirted. We did, however, during the course of conversation, cover the fact that he'd been on his own since his wife left him for her golf pro, three years previous. The implication was that he'd not had sex for three years, though it wasn't specifically stated. I did manage to establish that he had only ever had two girlfriends prior to his wife.

He broached the subject of accommodation, as in separate rooms, beds etc.

I assured him separate rooms were not necessary, and foreign hotel rooms usually are twin bedded.

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BB writes Tue 15 May 2018 07:46:

As I've said, many times before, I always Love it when the heroine gets it in the end---Or rather, in HER end! And this tale (tail?) didn't disappoint, in that regard! I do hope you're working on part two and will have the hot waitress give up her Anal charms, as well.
Great story. I'm sorry I can only give it a "10."
xo, -BB


scootin writes Sat 12 May 2018 16:59:

This is a very erotic story. I really enjoyed it. It took me three tries to get through it all. I can't for chapter two


Justaman46 writes Mon 7 May 2018 21:59:

Excellent start. What a tease. Part 2 should be as good if not better.


rsqman69 writes Sun 6 May 2018 13:20:



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