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Her Name Is Holly 2 (fm:romantic, 8396 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: jwdoney
Added: May 07 2018Views / Reads: 761 / 619 [81%]Part vote: 9.73 (22 votes)
Even as Kennedy pushes boundaries and refuses to let go, things with Holly are going great, getting better... and hotter. Will Kennedy let me be happy with Holly? Better yet, will I let me be happy with Holly?

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This is a work of fact, reality and truth, based on nothing because it actually happened exactly as described. Even the embarrassing and not so flattering parts. No names have been changed, and any descriptions that differ from what I have previously written, described or posted are writers choice. This is a bold chance I am taking telling so much truth, but even I could not make up what you are about to read. Any people, places, names, products or events mentioned or inferred are done so without permission or endorsement.

If you read part 1, you know that I have never met anyone named Holly, especially not a gorgeous redhead. I created the character "Holly" in ALICIA AND THE BIKINI STORE then carried her over to the sequel HOLLY AND JOSH. Aside from Julie, also from AATBS and H&J, Holly is my favorite and the greatest character I have ever created. I made her real, beautiful, filled with normal flaws, and irresistible. Then Fate, Karma and God decided to have fun with me by putting a real life Holly, a gorgeous red haired Holly, in my life. It took some effort to win her over, we were both shy and nervous, plus the problem is, Kennedy doesn't want to let go and may just jeopardize any real chance I have to be with Holly long term. If you don't know who Kennedy is, read K IS FOR KENNEDY and S IS FOR SARA and you'll know what you need to know. As such, I recommend that you read ALICIA AND THE BIKINI STORE, HOLLY AND JOSH, K IS FOR KENNEDY, S IS FOR SARA and the first LOOSE ENDS to fully understand what is happening here.

If not, I will try to fill in the blanks for new readers.

Holly, the real Holly, is 28 years old, a graceful 6' 1", has long red hair, a fit, athletic body, amazing smile, super personality, is a pharmacist and has no children. Holly is shy like me, confident when she feels secure, and willing to go all in with me if I can get Kennedy to back off.

Kennedy is 40 years old, 5" 10", in good shape, has two kids, long brown hair, and we have dated on and off for more than two years, We fight like cats and dogs, screw like porn stars, and are very close friends when we're not bickering.

I of course am 5' 11", 48 years old, have slightly graying black hair, in decent shape, and have two jobs. One at a hotel and the other at the pharmacy Holly works at. My father recently passed, my ex-wife Jennifer lives in Virginia with my children, and I live with my mom so that we both can exist.

I saw my life flash before my eyes as Kennedy stood there tapping on Holly's window. We had been on a late dinner date and came back to my driveway to make out. Things were getting heated and Holly was breathing deeply as we kissed when Kennedy interrupted the mood. Holly exhaled and asked "Are you serious?" I swallowed and ignored my erection bulging my pants as Holly started her car, rolled down the window, then snarled "What?" Kennedy said "Sorry to interrupt but..." Holly huffed "Well then why did you?" Kennedy blinked then looked past Holly to say "Mom got sick and I didn't want you to be upset that you have to get the kids up and ready for school tomorrow. I have to work at my other job and don't have a sitter, so...". I said "It's fine" and Holly snapped around to face me and ask "It's fine?" I slipped my hand to her thigh, felt her warm leg through her tight leggings, and squeezed her thigh as I repeated "It's fine". Holly glanced down at my hand, stared deep into my soul, raised an eyebrow, then blinked and said "It is... it's fine". Kennedy exhaled "Great. They're both asleep upstairs in the extra room and your mom said she would get them off the bus after school. Thanks Joe, I love you so much". Holly huffed but Kennedy said "Look. You want us to end things, we will, but I still love him".

Holly whined "Why am I the bad girl?" I grinned and said "I like bad girls" and Kennedy sighed "It's true. He does". We all sat there staring at each other in silence until Kennedy said "I'll bring them by to see you after I get out of work". I said "Okay. They can use the pool. I can convince Andrea to let them use it since she's as excited about INFINITY WAR as I am". Kennedy rolled her eyes then said to Holly "Two nerds and their Marvel". Holly said "I like Marvel". I rubbed Holly's thigh again and she looked at my hand and asked "Are you asking me or telling me?" We stared at each other so I took a bold chance and said "I'm asking you". Holly sighed and said "Then the answer is no,

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