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Mike's Beauties (bi:group, 2677 words) [1/2] show all parts

Author: His Featherwood Queen Picture in profile
Added: May 07 2018Views / Reads: 542 / 444 [82%]Part vote: 9.21 (19 votes)
Mike had always wanted to fuck his foster daughter Jenna and she happy to oblige him. She brings in her two best friends Brandi and Vanessa to explore the sexual wonders that Mike provides for her. The girls enjoy each other and Mike for hours as they exc

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Mike sat at his desk working late one night in his office; it was a warm night so he sat in his boxers. His foster daughter Jenna who was eighteen and graduated high school was out with friends for the evening. His wife Natalie was away on a business trip. He was waiting for Jenna to come home so they could play.

He heard the front door unlock and Jenna breezed in the door beautiful as ever. She waltzed into his office sitting on the corner of his desk; it was a warm summer night. She was wearing a short tight fitting jean skirt with a short halter top showing off her smooth tan belly. "Hey you, how's the book coming along"? She asked him smiling coming around the desk hiking up her skirt to straddle his lap. She loved rubbing against his hard dick.

"Good sweetheart, how was your night." Mike asked her smiling back at her his hands gripping her ass cheeks kissing her neck breathing in her scent. His dick hard as a rock bucked up against her thong clad pussy.

"I had a great time but I couldn't wait to get home." Jenna kissing him deeply playing with his tongue with hers rubbing even deeper against him. He took a deep breath, "Is it always so crazy that I want to be inside you all the time? I want to fuck you nonstop baby girl." Mike told her lifting her halter top off over her shoulders kissing the sensitive skin between her titties

"Jesus, you're so perfect." Mike whispered, he could barely breathe. He unclasped her bra and let her titties fall freely bouncing directly in his face.

"Not crazy at all my love, I want you to fuck me all the time too you know that. I find you so addicting Mike you know that I need you as much as you need me." Jenna said to him reaching around to unzip her skirt. She stood up and let it fall to the floor. The only barrier between them was his boxers and her skimpy purple thong. She sat on the desk facing him. She lifted her long legs to the sides of his chair so she could give him a better view of her sweet pink pussy.

"You are so fucking sweet, hot as fuck and you're all mine." Mike said reaching up to tweak her nipples.

"You know I am baby, I'm all yours whatever you want to do to me I am yours." Jenna said lifting her hips wanting his mouth on her clit. She loved the anticipation that he put her through. He pushed the side of fabric over to look at her beauty. Mike was fascinated by her pussy; he was addicted to her smell and taste. She was perfect and beautiful, smooth as hell and already glistening. Mike had to taste her, if he didn't he would fucking explode.

Mike dived in to her sweetness as she fell back on the desk, she screamed in pleasure. Mike was by far the best pussy licker she'd ever experienced. He didn't just lick her clit; he sucked, lapped, and licked her everywhere there was to lick. Jenna raised her legs and held them high to give him all the access that he needed. Mike loved her tight little asshole; he licked her from her asshole to the v of her pussy.

"Omg! Mike ahh, I love this." Jenna breathed out. Mike dived in licking and tongue fucking her. Jenna bucked her hips into his face. He cupped her ass and held her pussy to his mouth. She came so hard that her body began to shake and convulse. Mike didn't let up and kept eating her sweet pink causing her to cum over and over.

Mike stood up pushing his boxers down he leaned over her kissing her lips and licking her titties. His hard cock stood at attention at her entrance. "Mike, fuck me." Jenna begged him bucking her hips up to his cock. Mike plunged inside her pussy hot hard and fast. There was no way to fuck this beauty slowly God knows he had tried. But the feel of her tight pussy squeezing and milking his cock was beyond anything he had felt in a long while. Jenna made Mike crazy, he could never get enough of her and knowing that she loved to spread her sweet thighs wide open and take his big cock inside her tight pussy made Mike fuck her hard and fast, Jenna loved to talk dirty to him,

"Fuck that pussy baby, you are so hot, I can't wait for you to put that thick hard dick inside my tight ass hole. Do you want that Mike? Do you

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eddtheduck writes Wed 9 May 2018 13:10:

Hi yeh, a very fast and hard story and if honest not a believable one either. Great idea just little slower.

Look forward to reading more of your stuff.


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