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Brin's first time (fm:first time, 2504 words)

Author: His Featherwood Queen Picture in profile
Added: May 08 2018Views / Reads: 1884 / 1674 [89%]Story vote: 9.22 (32 votes)
Brin was tired of her parent's restrictions, so she decided to go against the rules for once and do what she wanted to do. She liked James from the first time they'd met. When he asked her to come over to his place and hang out she wasn't g

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Brin was so tired of the rules, the fucking rules, Ďas long as you live under my roof' Brin swore that was her parents motto now that she was 18 and out of high school. She was eighteen after all, a very responsible young woman, school and working was important to her, her grades had always been right where they should be. Her parents taught her well when it came to work ethics and setting goals. She loved her parents but having a curfew shouldn't be a rule. She wasn't allowed to date either and she hated that. It wasn't as if she was going to go sleep around, she just wanted to have a good time with her friends and not be stifled by stupid rules.

Brin was a cashier and the local grocery store, she was a people person and she loved her customers and her job. She met a lot of interesting people through her work and learned quite quickly working with the public in a retail setting, that the world was full of all kinds of people, good people, crazy people, stupid people, the list could go on and on. She was busy with a line of customers when she glanced over at the service counter to see her boss James watching her. She lifted her eyebrows to acknowledge him and he smiled waving at her. Instant butterflies assaulted her belly, she was crazy about him and she knew he liked her or so she thought. Brin felt she'd been so sheltered her whole life and really didn't have the confidence that a guy would even find her attractive. Although she had a beautiful face with a cute little nose, curly auburn colored hair. She had a great figure or so her mother always told her, she was a track star in high school. She still went jogging everyday to keep in shape.

Brin thought James to be gorgeous and beautiful; he was ruggedly handsome, tall and perfect. Brin thought he was the sexiest guy she'd ever met so far. She also loved the fact that he was 21, in college, had a car and had his own apartment right off the college campus. Brin finished with her line of customers and jumped at James voice behind her,

"Hey there, would you like to go on your break?" He smiled at her; she loved how his smile showed up in his green eyes.

"I would love too, thank you." Brin replied smiling back at him. Oh he was so hot she thought to herself.

James followed her to the break room, "Hey Brin, I wondered if you'd like to come to my place after work and watch a movie with me."

"I would love to James." Without hesitating Brin told him as the butterflies began a dance in her stomach. She didn't care what her parents said she liked him and she was going.

"Awesome, we get off at the same time so you can just follow me if you like." James said

"Sure." Brin replied.

The rest of the shift went by smoothly, Brin could not wait to get out of there and spend some time with him alone. A little white lie to her parents wouldn't hurt anything; she left them a message that she'd be spending the night at her friend Amanda's house.

It was the end of the shift and James couldn't help but stare at Brin, she was beautiful, smart and so much more. He enjoyed working with her and he'd been thinking about asking her over for awhile and finally he did. James had been dreaming for awhile what it would be like to taste her, and kiss her. He'd been interested in her ever since she came to work at the store. He was pretty sure she was a virgin; she had an innocence about her. Thoughts of her giving him her virginity had him as hard a rock. Oh he wanted to have her and he would but he would give her time.

Brin followed him in her car to his place; he lived in a nice apartment complex that housed a pool. Brin would love to have a place like this someday soon. She could barely handle her parent's stifling intrusion into her life these days. It was a warm night and they parked their cars and Brin nervous got out of her car and walked over to him.

"Hey beautiful." He greeted her stepping out of the car and bending down to gently kiss her lips. Brin felt her heart skip a few beats.

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little sexy writes Thu 10 May 2018 04:44:

That was so fucking hot made me so wet and wanting a big cock


little sexy writes Thu 10 May 2018 04:27:

Wow that was ducking hot


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