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Jesse&Andi (fm:first time, 1626 words)

Author: His Featherwood Queen Picture in profile
Added: May 09 2018Views / Reads: 963 / 720 [75%]Story vote: 9.32 (19 votes)
Jesse and Andi waited a long time for the wedding of their dreams. They waited to til their wedding night to give themselves to each other. Here is their story. I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome His Featherwood Queen

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The wedding was beautiful, the reception was perfect, Jesse and Andi best friends since high school we're ready to leave and get on to their honeymoon. Andi moved all of her things into Jesse's apartment a few days earlier, looking for to unpacking she scooted closer to him. The drive from the hall to the apartment was less than ten minutes but they were so excited. They'd waited a long time to be together; finally they pulled up into the complex. They were already changed into casual clothes, they left everything in the car while they walked in. They were so ready to become one with the other, walking into their bedroom Jesse turned to her kissing her gently.

"Baby girl, I am doing my best to go slow and make our first time so perfect but still I am just a man." Jesse said taking a long deep breath. Andi raised up on her toes kissed him deeply.

"Aww baby, yes you are all man, so beautiful, gorgeous and so sexy." She replied batting her eye lashes at him.

Grabbing the hem of her slip she raised it above her head and let it fall to the floor. Reaching up on her tippy toes she kissed his mouth teasing him with her tongue sucking his bottom lip. Andi felt liquid heat pooling and burning in the center of her core, she had to have this man soon.

It was true that Jesse and Andi kept themselves pure for each other until they became married. It was not a easy feat them both being the sexual beings that they were. Standing there with his arousal pressing up against her belly, Andi knew that they knew exactly what to, she couldn't wait to feel him stretching her wide.

"I love you so much Princess." Jesse told her.

Dick throbbing Jesse held her close running his hands down her back to her ass cupping her, pressing her to him. She was so beautiful and he needed to be inside of her. Jesse had a tight rein on his control, he would keep it together because this night was going to be the sweetest night of their life.

She unbuttoned his slacks and knelt down pulling them down over his slender hips muscled thighs. She slipped his boxers down watching his cock bounce freely long hard and thick. Jesse sucked in his breath as Andi darted her tongue out and licked some pre cum that had dripped down.

"My God, you are so beautiful sweetheart. I knew you would be perfect, thank God" She told him laughing. Jesse thought his knees would buckle as she took him into her mouth and sucked him.

"Oh my God" he hissed as she began to suck him. She couldn't take all of him in her mouth he was too big.

"Oh my God sweetheart that feels amazing." He pulled her up to his mouth and kissed her.

Tongues dancing together tasting each other, he unfastened her bra and her breasts fell out free. He moaned as his cock throbbed with need. He backed her up to the bed and sat her down. Andi threw her head back as he took one large nipple into his mouth and sucked gently then harder he moved his mouth back and forth to each nipple as his big hands cupped her large breasts.

"Oh sweetheart you are perfect". Jesse said as she lifted her hips up so he could pull her panties off. Andi could hardly breathe while his lips burned a path from her nipples to her belly button.

Andi eyes were wide as he glanced up to look at her, desire and heat blazed in his eyes. Jesse pulled her hips to the edge of the bed and she opened her legs for him, he was ready to taste her.

"I have waited for this for so long, you are so beautiful." He whispered worshiping her.

He licked her opening her to taste her. Andi fell back on the bed, Jesse locked his lips on her clit and sucked and she arched her hips and he clamped his mouth tighter on her clit and took his fingers and

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Alan007 writes Mon 14 May 2018 06:06:

MMmmmm...so good~! uhhhnnnnnnn!


little sexy writes Thu 10 May 2018 04:16:

Great love story


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