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Chapter Twenty-Two. 2003 Part A. (fm:slut wife, 3874 words) [23/24] show all parts

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1st. Another interesting encounter with delivery men. 2nd. Raymond, and a foray into bondage.

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Sandi's Erotic Adventures.

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Twenty-Two. 2003 Part A.

(Early May.) Colin, twenty. Frank, early-fifties.

I was beginning to think my parents must arrange deliveries or other inconveniences for when they're away from home on purpose because as with the washing machine a couple of years ago their new fridge freezer was also due for delivery while they were away, this time on a cruise. As is usual on these occasions I'd been asked to check their house from time to time so could easily make sure I was there on delivery day. I didn't think the task too onerous, being a journey of forty miles or so which usually takes about an hour, but to ensure I was at the house early enough I drove over the evening before.

The day dawned sunny and unusually hot for so early in the year. Mid-morning I attached a note to the front door directing the delivery men to the rear of the house, thinking I might as well take advantage of the unseasonal weather for a spot of sunbathing. Not expecting such hot weather I hadn't brought a bikini so simply undressed down to my bra and panties, removing the bra also after about fifteen minutes.

The delivery men eventually arrived in the early afternoon. One was a young guy who seemed a bit shy; the other, clearly in charge, probably early-fifties. Both men ran their eyes over my body while I checked the delivery note.

"Would you like a drink before you start? A mug of tea or coffee maybe," I asked getting to my feet. The older guy accepting tea for both of them, nonchalantly stretched out on the rug I'd vacated.

"If one of you comes to the kitchen it will save me making two trips."

"You go Colin," the older guy instructed.

With the kettle close to boiling I asked Colin if he took sugar. "Yea, loads," he told me, before blurting out, "nice tits!"

Surprised by the unexpected outburst from someone I'd thought shy I spooned sugar into his mug until he told me to stop.

"What about your boss, does he take sugar?" "Dunno." "Well, when you take your mug outside ask him will you."

I handed Colin his mug and he departed. Soon a knock on the kitchen door heralded the arrival of the older guy.

"No sugar for me luv, I'm sweet enough already."

Smiling I handed him a mug of tea and mentioning Colin's comment said it surprised me as I'd thought him a bit shy. It transpired that Colin was a little deaf and also ‘mentally challenged', according to the delivery man, Frank. Colin, the son of the company chairman, was learning what he could about the job and had been paired with Frank who was the senior and most experienced of the delivery men. Colin wasn't actually expected to do much beyond the lifting part of the job.

I was leaning against the table by the time Frank added, "He has good taste though. You're a fine figure of a lass and your tits are fantastic."

"Flatterer," I smiled, aware that Frank was eyeing me lecherously.

Placing his mug on the work top he reached up to cup my breasts. "I can't resist, hope you don't mind." "Not at all, although your hands feel hot from holding the mug," I smiled at the guy who was now rubbing my nipples with his thumbs.

It was Frank's breath that felt hot then, on my face as he leaned in to kiss me. Stepping back after the kiss Frank looked me up and down.

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