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Filled by more: 2> My backdoor gangbang (fm:slut wife, 6440 words)

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Added: May 10 2018Views / Reads: 2890 / 2700 [93%]Story vote: 9.73 (26 votes)
Having inadvertently overheard a plethora of flattering comments made between her husband and his card playing buddies, the next time they were over, Sarah did more than just confront them about their erotic intimations.

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Story outline: Having inadvertently overheard a plethora of flattering comments made between her husband and his card playing buddies, the next time they were over, Sarah did more than just confront them about their erotic intimations.

Every Wednesday, my husband, Mark, and his close pals, Isaac and Rick, get together and play cards, a sort of boy's night, while their partners and I have a girls night together, which can be going to the cinema if there's a good chick flick or comedy playing, having a meal at a restaurant or talking amongst ourselves over drinks at a wine bar.

Almost a month ago, it was Mark's turn to host the card game. As usual, I was dressed up for an evening with the girls and had chosen a red number that hung off my left shoulder. The bodice clung tight and pushed up my shapely breasts, which threatened to spill out, while the skirt encased my long lithe legs all the way down to just above my shins. Because of its fit, basic underwear was out of the question. All the same, I wore a pair of black hold ups with black slingbacks.

I made my way to the lounge to say goodbye and wish Mark well for the game. Over the previous few weeks, he had been on a winning streak. The reward for me, when I returned home after my evening and night out with the girls, was some great sex. As soon as I entered the room, I received a cheer and whistle from Isaac and Rick, who added, "Your wife's hot, Mark!"

"Hey, that's my wife you're talking about," he said, jokingly, and then turned his head to see. His eyes almost jumped out of their sockets as he gazed at me, while he was clearly speechless at what I was wearing. It was Mark who bought me the dress and so I saw little harm in wearing it.

"Sounds like Mark doesn't compliment you enough, Sarah," Isaac said, in a rich bass voice indicative of his black roots.

"I do so," Mark rejoined.

"He does, guys, that's why I love him so," I said, supportively, ‘just not that often,' I thought to myself, having moved closer to my husband.

"Anyway, I'm off to meet up with the girls, now. Win a lot of money and, you know," I said, suggestively, and for his friend's benefit also.

"Hello," Rick said, adding a knowing wink, one I found myself returning along with a warm smile just before I, with my right arm around Mark's neck, lowered my head to kiss his cheek. When I did, I felt his left hand slide up the vent come slit at the back of the skirt and brush my naked ass.

"I intend to clean these suckers out," he said, confidently, before giving my cheeks a playful slap and taking his hand away.

"Bye, guys," I said, looking back at them as I left the room while giving them a peek at my lower naked legs from the slit.

As I climbed into my car, looking forward to the film we had decided upon, when I drew up my dress to swing my legs in, I caught one of my hold ups on something. ‘Damn,' I exclaimed to myself, and felt to see how bad it was. There was a hole and no doubt a ladder. I wouldn't class myself as a vain person, but being a woman, and with the time it took to get ready, everything has to be just right. There was nothing else for it. I needed to change my nylons.

I quietly went inside and closed the front door and just as quietly made my way upstairs. Going to the draw with my underwear in it, I took out a new pair of hold ups, one of three I noticed and made a conscious

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