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Without a Sound (mm:oral sex, 1322 words)

Author: Wildboy
Added: May 12 2018Views / Reads: 247 / 194 [79%]Story vote: 10.00 (4 votes)
A silly game slips out of hand - and into my mouth instead

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The choices were limited. A couple of hours ago, Gary and I had been two freshman students hitch-hiking on the side of a none-too-busy road. Now, not only had we been given a ride halfway to our destination, but our savior was also offering us a place to stay. He'd be continuing his journey the following morning, and could drop us both off then.

Of course we agreed, and a few drinks in a nearby bar left us feeling as though we'd all been friends forever. Then we got back to his place... two rooms knocked into one, with a double bed on one side of the petition, and a sofa on the other... and he asked us where we wanted to sleep. On the sofa or in with him. Like I said, the choices were limited.

Gary was fast. "I'll take the sofa."

"And I'll..." I began, but Brian just grinned. "It's okay, Ricky, I don't thrash around too much."

We settled down for the night. I kept on both my T-shirt and underpants, and poised myself carefully on my edge of the bed. Brian seemed to do likewise, then turned out the light. But of course we carried on talking. Music, TV, movies, sport - all the usual topics of conversation.

Suddenly he leaned over to me, went "shhhhhh" and poked my arm with a finger.

Weird. But not-weird. It was funny. He was being a brat, and I could be even brattier. I waited a few moments, then poked him back.

The object of the game was very straightforward. With Gary wide awake and chatting just a few feet away, the idea was for one of us to surprise the other into making some kind of noise. I was determined it wouldn't be me.

He pinched my elbow. I pinched his. He poked my forearm, I poked his. He took one of my fingers and bent it back a little. I took one of his and bent it back even further. And neither of us made a sound. We just kept on talking.

A hand lay on my hip. Just for a moment, but there it was. Mine fell on his, but it lingered a little longer. And maybe a little closer in, too. I couldn't tell, it was dark. But maybe that's why his next move took me completely by surprise. And him as well. His palm brushed my dick through my underwear.

I could tell it was an accident; he jerked it away immediately, and leaned over to breathe an "oops... sorry..." into my ear. I believed him, too. Among the subjects we'd already touched upon were the current states of our love lives - my girlfriend, his girlfriend, and Gary's (or so he said) lots of girlfriends. I think we all have friends like that, don't we.

But don't we all have a certain curiosity as well? I did, anyway - which was probably why my cock had been growing... not harder, but certainly more aware from the moment Brian's pokes and pinches slipped below my elbow. And mine slid below his.

I bided my time, then my hand shot out, in the general direction of his stomach. Instead it brushed a cock that was even harder than mine, and had raised itself a few inches into the air as well. I also noticed that the underpants that I know he'd left on when he got into bed had vanished.

I snatched my hand back, then murmured an apology of my own. But my mind was already reeling, even before I felt his fingers again, this time pressing down on my cock head. And we still hadn't made a sound.

Gary was in the middle of telling us about some band he'd seen a few nights before; one which Brian had seen as well, some place else. I, on the other hand, was silent. All I could think of was... winning the game. I was going to blow on his cock.

Except I didn't blow on it, because the thing had risen even higher than last time. Either that, or I misjudged my angle in the dark.

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Erotica fan writes Sun 13 May 2018 00:42:

Very good story.


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