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Emily in the Dark Chapter Thirteen (fm:male domination, 3428 words) [14/14] show all parts

Author: Reltney McFee
Added: May 13 2018Views / Reads: 477 / 308 [65%]Part vote: 9.58 (12 votes)
Homecoming. The Event changed all our lives, but, now, finally, we try to discover what our "normal" is going to be.

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There is this space, sort of a meta-space, wherein you are not really asleep, you are not really awake, but you KNOW that you are not altogether asleep, and are aware of something, at the very edge of your consciousness, that does not belong. I was in that space.

The sun was shining, birds chirping, a breeze drifting across the glen within which we had camped.

I had Emily wrapped in an embrace, while Lucy.....er, uh, Lucy was NOT cuddled up against my back. My questing arm did not identify her. I rolled clear of Emily, and crawled to the head of the hootch. A glance about our site did not reveal Lucy, who, I noted, had moved her clothing-shoes included. Her shotgun was not present, although her side of our nest was still warm. I hurriedly began to dress, and woke Emily.

"Pssst! Quietly, wake up, get dressed in a hurry, and gun up! Lucy is not here, and something is up!"

Emily blinked a couple of times, processed what I had said, and promptly burst into action. I was a couple of seconds ahead of her, but we soon were shod, dressed, and slung up. We crept to the edge of the glen, and peered around.

I saw Lucy's shoe, almost hidden by leaves, near the peak of the embankment that served as a bullet trap for the range. Nudging Emily, I pointed, and she looked, nodded, and pantomimed approaching our friend.

We crawled, as silently as we could, to positions near Lucy. Peeking over the lip of the berm, I saw what Lucy was watching.

Once I had seen enough, I backed down the reverse face of the berm, and gestured for Emily and Lucy to join me.

"What woke you?", I asked Lucy.

"I heard them crashing through the leaves, and then I heard them talking. I dressed, grabbed my guns, and went to see what was happening, before I disturbed you guys."

Emily beat me to the rejoinder. "Lucy! How did you know that they did not have other people, circling around our way? If you had warned us, we could have been awake, and ready if they stumbled over our camp. Asleep, we could have lost precious seconds getting organized!"

Lucy looked aghast. "I did not think of that! Ohmigod! Do you think that they do have other people ready to come up behind us?"

I contributed, "No, I do not. That group looks like a dad, and mom, and three kids. The fact that they have firearms simply means that they either already survived a hostile encounter or two, or thought ahead to the possibility. Did you notice that they have nobody looking outside of the circle of folks filling water containers? They are not brigands, they are simply travelers, although I wish that they would travel at night, when most of the boogeymen men ought to be asleep."

"What should we do?", asked Emily.

"Nothing", was my response. "If they are traveling to Eureka, they are almost there. If they are going someplace else, I am not about to divert from my goal, this close to home, to escort them there. My plan, is to retreat to our hootch, maybe pack it in and start walking, or maybe hole up for another several hours, and walk in the front door tonight, as we had planned."

Both the women were quiet. Emily whispered first. "It's surprising, but, last week I would have been outraged that you would pass those folks by, and not even offered to lend them a hand. After the last several days, well, now I really understand why you hide in the bushes, and go out of your way to avoid people. I would have given a lot, if I could have avoided those experiences."

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