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The Jan Burton Theory 4 (fm:slut wife, 5868 words) [4/4] show all parts

Author: jwdoney
Added: May 13 2018Views / Reads: 1294 / 1179 [91%]Part vote: 9.95 (20 votes)
Shannon has been consumed with screwing her stepson to the point of insanity, so when she gets what she wants, when it finally happens, she doesn't realize the cost until it's too late. A twist I've never used before, so enjoy.

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I do not have permission to mention or describe Jan Burton or to copy, borrow from, describe or mirror any work she has done. This is a tribute and only a tribute. Any similarity in story or description of anything written, filmed or produced is coincidental and done without permission. As such, any people, places, names, products or events mentioned are done so without permission or endorsement. No disrespect is meant to women of any kind, and I do not take infidelity or cheating lightly. The situations that Shannon gets into and the sex she has is fictional and for story purposes, no insult is intended to anyone and I have no idea if anything described could actually occur.

One warning though... If you are going to take issue with "That couldn't happen" or "That never happens" then this is NOT the story for you. In order for this story to flow and be fun, some cliches will be present and ignored with no explanation. Also, the parts to this story will not be rushed and could be a week or more apart, so be patient as I ensure quality over quantity. This is a work of fiction. Thanks for reading and enjoy.

---------------------------------------- This is the part where "IT HAPPENS" and I hope the payoff was worth the wait, but don't fool yourself that the story is over... not even close! Sometimes when we get what we really want... there's a cost! ----------------------------------------

My name is Shannon and I am 39 years old, married to my second husband, and completely in lust with my stepson. Yeah. Hold that thought, we'll come right back to it. I'm no supermodel, my best days are behind me, but for my age I still turn heads and get hit on. Well, as long as there aren't any 18 year olds in the room. I am 5' 11", have long brown hair, blue eyes, full and somehow firm 34D breasts, and a butt that still gets comments and stares. I also have a 20 year old daughter who lives in North Carolina and goes to college there. I fight my weight and work out almost everyday, I eat right, and so far I still have it. For weeks now, while my husband Jerry can't get enough of me, no matter what I did or tried, his son Danny would not take the bait and screw my brains out. My husband Jerry is 44, five years older than me, and looks like Richard Gere mated with Jon Hamm. The short, slightly gray black hair, two day old stubble, the still buff body, the charisma... I love Jerry and we both came from shitty first marriages, so we have no secrets.

Well, he doesn't know I am trying to sleep with his son, but what he doesn't know won't hurt me.

Jerry's son Danny is handsome, kind, sweet, loving, and hot as Hell. A fitness buff and all around athletic guy, Danny is hotness walking around, and I would fuck him in a heartbeat if he would just do me. 22 and perfect in every way, Danny has short black hair, is 6' 1" and all man. I have turned up the heat for months since Danny came home to stay after finishing college. The bottom line is I started with flirting, added in some slinky clothes and teasing outfits, even threw in some dropped towels and accidental flashes and Danny just blushes, apologizes, and stares a hole through me. I have studied everything from Lifetime and Cinemax movies, to smut novels and porn trying to figure out why thousands of stepmoms are screwing their stepsons... or being screwed by their stepsons... and Danny just takes cold showers and leaves me hanging. The problem with this whole scenario is I have seen his phone and computer. Danny has more pictures of me than I do, and some of the pictures he has of me are borderline porn and I'm not entirely sure where he got them from.

So I've been slowly turning up the heat on Danny to the point where we're naked together as much as we are dressed. How and why Danny hasn't fucked me like he owed it to me is a complete mystery, but if I'm right... I am very close to solving it. Over the last few days, some of my seduction scenarios have completely backfired while others have pushed Danny to the point where he clearly and visibly wanted to fuck me. His eyes, his body language, his emotions all tell me he wants me more than he wants water or oxygen. The problem is Jerry raised a son as good as he is, so Danny's morals and conscience won't allow him to sleep with his father's wife. Apparently it doesn't matter that I really, REALLY want him to sleep with me. Like desperately! In the process of my antics, three things have occured. Jerry and I have more sex than a busload of high school cheerleaders. Our landscaper Mike

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