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My wife Jan (fm:cuckold, 1728 words) [1/3] show all parts

Author: kamouna Picture in profile
Added: May 13 2018Views / Reads: 2477 / 1998 [81%]Part vote: 8.85 (40 votes)
One fall evening my wife Janet and I were having friends over for a deck party

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One fall evening my wife Janet and I were having friends over for a deck party, people were all milling around our secluded lawn, takeing and chatting. A group of us men were sitting on the deck listening to the baseball game and as the evening wore on into night people left a couple at a time until I found myself alone with one of Janets co-workers, a guy named Jerry. The double header wrapped up and I asked Jerry if he wanted to hit the hot tub and have a couple more beers. So with Jerry wearing a pair of my running shorts and me in my trunks we eased into the steaming hot tub, Janet who was at this point alone and clearing the deck tables of empty bottles, quickly changed into her bikini and joined us.

It was a nice night with just enough chill in the air to make the surface of the hot tub swirl with a light misty steam and the three of us were pretty buzzed and quickly relaxed and chatting contently. The beer and the hot water soon took effect, Jerry stood up and announced his need to go to the bathroom, the yellow running shorts I loaned him had become translucent and his equipment was clearly visible and it was awe inspiring to say the least. I found myself staring at his cock as he got out of the tub and when I snapped out of it, I looked at Janet, who was still staring at him, as he walked away into the house she watched his muscular form disapeared into the french doors. Janet had this look on her face the whole time and her small perky breasts were topped by a pair of nipples that threatened to poke right through her bikini top.

I dont know why but I asked in a whisper, "wow did you see that?" Janet blushed and turned to look at me, whispering back "oh my god, I did, he was huge." We laughed and I made the requisit horse jokes and comments about her getting horny, Janet smacked me and said she didnt know whether to be envious or sympathetic of his girlfriend. I secretly found myself thinking of some sexual experimentation with a friend of mine when we were both young, and how much I enjoyed it at the time. It was years ago and I never repeated it with anyone else, so I had just chalked it up as sexual awakening and kept it secret. I do have more than a few pics on my computor of well hung men and nubile girls servicing them, and have occasionally fantasised about those days when I had serviced my friend.

Jerry returned to join us and I went to take my turn in the bathroom, and promised to mix Janet a fresh margarita while I was inside, as I rounded the stairs coming down from the second floor bathroom I passed a open window that looked out over the deck, I heard Janet softly laughing and when I looked out Jerry was standing up looking down at his waist, his cock was plain as day to see and I could see he must shave the hair away. Jerry spoke up, saying,"oh I guess your right, they are pretty see through when wet". Janet was again staring at his crotch and smiling, Jerry spoke again, " I am sorry, I hope I didnt embarrass you or your husband." Janet giggled and said she was ok and that judging from the pictures she has found on the computor Alex, (thats me), might have liked it too. Jerry got a smug look on his face and stepped closer to Janet, he slowly hooked his thumbs into the waist band of his shorts and, looking at Janet as she stared the swelling bulge in his shorts, he peeled them down exposing a cock that while not all that longer than mine was at least twice its thickness if not more. I was stunned, angry at first but also excited to see a cock like that and Janets being exposed to it. Janet looked nervously back along the garden walk then reached out and took it in her hand, she slowly stroked it and then leaned forward and kissed it, once, twice then she opened wide and took it into her mouth, Jerries cock stretched her lips and she couldnt get much of it in her mouth but she was trying as if she was starved, Janets small hand worked the skin on his cock back and forth and she was moaning around the meat in her mouth.

Jerry took her by the wrists and urged her to her feet, kissing her on the lips and at the same time sliding her bikini bottoms off of her, his thick cock was pressed against her naked belly, when he broke the kiss he turned her around and pushed gently on her shoulders so she was bent over the edge of the hot tub. Janet suddenly looked scared and I almost bolted for the door, my wife whispered, "Jerry, I dont know, its so... please go slow, ok?" I couldnt believe it, she was going to let him screw her, right there with me only feet away inside the house. Jerry slowly pushed against her slit from behind and Janet gasped, she tried to move away from the meat invading her but he planted a hand in the middle of her back and held her in place. They just stood there a

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