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Uncontrolled Experiment: Evening News (fm:group, 8715 words)

Author: Ethereal
Added: May 14 2018Views / Reads: 1532 / 1400 [91%]Story vote: 9.79 (14 votes)
Madeleine gets called in for a special broadcast. What she discovers at the news desk opens her mind and changes her life...

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A new type of virus was discovered and examined. It held the secrets to health and cures to every disease tested. But it also unleashes the sexual instincts of those it infects, shattering all inhibitions. After a lab accident, the virus is loose in the populace.

And it's spreading.


It seemed really suspicious at first. Paul, our producer, called me in around 7 o'clock. He said that there was a breaking story that was coming out but he couldn't say anything over the phone. That was very strange. But he was Paul. I didn't have any reason to say no, other than going in being annoyed as hell.

I got ready and said good night to Geoff and the kids- they'd be in bed long before I got home. The station was a short drive away, and before I knew it I was there.

The next thing that struck me as odd was security being gone. The building just seemed... deserted. On a Saturday night, the building was usually busier. Not a whole lot more, but enough to make that night seem strange. Whatever, I thought. Maybe that had to do with the story.

How right I was.

I was looking around, and still no one. I felt my phone ringing. It was Paul. "Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Head down to the set, I'll explain everything." His voice sounded strained. I grew more nervous. I could feel that something strange was going on. And maybe it was just the natural investigator in me, but I wanted to know more.

My shoes echoed through the halls. Everything seemed heightened. I almost jumped when I turned a corner and saw Phil.

"Jesus, Madeleine, are you alright?" he said.

"I'm fine, just- Shit." Phil looked calm. He was about my age, the type of reporter with handsome quarterback looks that aged well and landed him a job for life, no matter how much of a prick he could be.

"Yeah, it's weird. They just called me in, too. Seems like there are some sort of protests or something out in the suburbs."

I started walking, not wanting to talk to my broadcast partner more than I really needed to. He was an ass. "So you and I are going to run with it?"

"Yeah, and... Carrie."

I could feel my face bunch up. "Carrie," I said. "How the hell does that little bitch get this story if it's such a big goddamned deal?" I thought of the attractive twentysomething and all of the convenient "breaks" she got at the station over the past few months. Who was she screwing, I wondered.

"She's not so bad," Phil said. Of course he would, I thought. Phil tries to get into the pants of all the new female reporters and interns. And he probably succeeded a few times. That was one more problem I had with him.

I probably shouldn't have spoken my mind about Carrie to Phil, but it was too late. "There's no way in hell she's taking lead on this story," I said. "Especially not if I've got to give up my Saturday night."

"Well I hope you did your makeup, because Phil wants us out there right away."

We walked onto the set. The news desk was long and shaped in a gentle "u" shape. The brightness of the set lights made everything else seem darker in comparison. As my eyes adjusted, I could make out Carrie sitting in one of the guest anchor spots. I glanced at her as I moved

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