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Our First Threesome (fm:threesomes, 770 words)

Author: Quinix
Added: May 15 2018Views / Reads: 1468 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 9.18 (17 votes)
a story, partially based in truth about a steamy, hot threesome

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As with all university students, I have spent plenty of time drinking and enjoying house parties with a hope they would turn in to steaming hot orgy filled with lust and passion... unfortunately to this day this is yet to happen but I remain hopeful. This story was the closest I came to such an event...

To set the scene it was a typical house party, 20 or so people, friends of friends and the like crammed in to a living room, the smell of spilt drinks and cigarette smoke overpowering cheap aftershave and perfume. At the age of 22 I was a typical 20 something, I took relatively good care of myself but I was far from having an ideal figure. I have had some luck in the sexual arena but nothing truly exceptional, my friend Lewis however had far more luck than me. Lewis had his girlfriend Sophie, Sophie was exactly how many men would describe their dream woman, long dark brown hair, eyes you could get lost in and very much an hourglass figure at around 5ft 4.

They are both attractive and are really the perfect couple, this made it even harder to admit that even though Lewis was a friend, I would give it up in a heartbeat for an evening with Sophie. As the evening turned to night, and night turned to early morning the party began to get quieter as people found their places for the night. My room being on the third floor went past Lewis' on the 2nd. As I walked past the door was shut closed but light was visible past the door frame. In a drunken state I decided to just open the door before knocking. As the door swung open I saw a topless Sophie on her knees and Lewis on the bed, trousers at his ankles and his cock in Sophie's mouth. Now I am 100% straight but to this day I am in total admiration of Lewis' member, it was easiest the largest I have seen in real life, if I had to guess it would be around 9 inches, his foreskin was intact and it had a huge bulging head.

They both turned immediately and gasped, stopping what they were doing... I felt embarrassed but also felt a tingle as blood started rushing to my cock, seeing Sophie topless was something I had always fantasized about, her boobs weren't huge, a 32C, but the small pierced nipples stood erect and perky. They murmured amongst themselves and without saying a word Sophie came to me, put her hand down the top of my trousers, and dragged me over. I had so many questions but stayed quiet to not spoil the moment. Now sitting next to Lewis I felt slightly shy undoing my belt, knowing my 6 inches, although perfectly adequate was going to look small infront of his monster. Sophie didn't seem bothered, pulling my foreskin down she opened her mouth and slid my cock in to her throat.Years of fantasizing could not have prepared me for that moment, my eyes rolled back and i let out a loud moan.

After some foreplay she stood up and bent over Lewis, I stood behind her, lifted her skirt and moved her black thong to the side, I slipped my cock, now hard and throbbing between her pussy lips, she felt tight considering she had been dealing with a huge cock for the last few years. I could hear her moans even whilst Lewis' cock filled her mouth. As i increased my intensity I started feeling her pussy get wetter before my cock was forced out, her legs gave way and I saw the wet patch below, I had no idea she was able to squirt and was taken by surprise, albeit a pleasant one.

To end the experience she climbed on top of Lewis, straddling him it became clear she was in love with his cock, it took her a few attempts to slide it in but when it eventually squeezed in the gasp and moan she let out was truly unforgettable. I climbed on to the bed and presented my cock for her to enjoy. It didn't take long before I came, ropey cumshots shooting down her throat. I then got down from the bed, put my trousers back on and left...I retired upstairs and laid in bed, with the mixture of physical energy expenditure and alcohol it was seconds before I fell to sleep.

To this day we haven't spoke about that night and it remains a fond memory (I would hope for all involved).

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Aristokatt writes Tue 15 May 2018 15:18:

This is so hot!


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