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Mike's Beauties Chapter Two (bi:group, 2705 words) [2/2] show all parts

Author: His Featherwood Queen Picture in profile
Added: May 15 2018Views / Reads: 295 / 224 [76%]Part vote: 9.56 (9 votes)
Natalie, Mike's wife comes home from her business trip to have a little fun with Mike and Jenna. Natalie invites Troy her lover to come over and join the fun. I think this is a great chapter, let me know what you all think. As an author I want to mak

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Natalie sat on her lover Troy's hard dick bouncing up and down as hard as she could. On fire with lust, she invited Troy to come fuck her after she had hung up the phone with her hot fuck of a husband Mike.

Married for five years Mike and Natalie were comfortable living with an open marriage. Natalie had taken several lovers over the years as well as Mike. They were still very much in love with each other.

Mike and Natalie joined a sex club shortly after they were married to spice things up and never looked back. Sex was a beautiful thing to them, they stayed safe but were willing to explore just about anything once. The first time Natalie let Mike fuck another woman in front of her she came so hard against the sweet girls mouth it shocked the hell out of her, she only wanted more.

Mike watching Natalie get the fucking of her life by a guy named Chuck back in the first few weeks of their marriage, the man had huge dick, watching them fuck Mike shoved his dick into Natalie's mouth fucking her throat he had one of the most intense orgasms of his life. From then on Mike was willing to share his wife with whomever she wanted to be shared with. Monogamous couples may find it strange to think this way but Mike and Natalie were emotionally, mentally and physically closer than they ever had been. The sex was always so great between them because of their open lifestyle; Mike always talked about how he remembered how Chuck tore up her pussy, pounding the living hell out of her stretching her wide slamming into her over and over again still turned him on to this day if he thought about it.

Troy happy to come over and lay beneath ‘his beautiful Nat' lifted his pelvis over and over to fuck her. Troy lifting her up off of him to slam her back down on thick cock, he loved it when she called just for a fuck. She was delicious and although he had his choice of woman to fuck anytime of the day she was one of his favorites. The way her pussy fit his cock like a glove was fucking amazing.

Natalie came hard, her body shuddered as she fell on top of him, Troy shot off his load shooting cum up inside her. Natalie wished she would have invited Drew to come over too. Drew loved licking dirty pussy.

Troy with his arms around her massage from her back down to her ass and up again.

"Baby, what has you all fired up?" He asked her genuinely curious.

"Omg, Mike called me earlier to tell me about Jenna and her two gal pal's coming over last night and having a fuck fest. I am so jealous. I can't wait to get home and join them Troy, just wait until you fuck her, she's so fucking perfect." Natalie told him.

"Really? I want to join, you know that, but will Mike let me fuck her is the question." Troy said laughing his dick responded to the thought. Jenna was 18 now and legal. He'd fuck Mike to be able to fuck that sweet tight ass. She was a beauty for damn sure.

Troy and Mike had been friends for awhile; they met at their lover's club. Mike was perfectly fine with Troy being one of his wife's lover's. "Brandi and Vanessa are beautiful and perfect too. I can't wait to fuck them and lick them. I have a double sided dildo at home. A couple of weeks ago one end was inside my pussy while the other end is in Jenna? God that was so fucking hot." Natalie said.

Sitting up she climbed off Troy, she lay on her back so he could eat her cum filled pussy.

"Oh my baby is never satisfied is she?" Troy asked her lapping at his cum dripping out of her pussy. "These young beauties are too young for the club but we can make our own club at your house, talk to Mike about it baby." He told her.

"Fuck yeah I'll talk to Mike about it, I'm fucking insatiable you know that Troy, I love it when you lick me like that, make me cum lover, I know how much you love licking dirty pussy." Natalie told him moaning loudly. ************************************************************************ ************************************************************************

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eddtheduck writes Tue 22 May 2018 14:15:

I like this chapter better than the first very hot...looking forward to the next part...


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