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Chapter Twenty-Three. 2003. Part B. (fm:slut wife, 3016 words) [24/24] show all parts

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Three erotic hotel encounters. End of year roundup.

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Sandi's Erotic Adventures.

A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Twenty-Three. 2003. Part B.

(September.) Simon, mid-twenties. Night Porter.

I expected to have completed my assignment by mid-afternoon at the latest so despite the distance hadn't bothered to book overnight accommodation. The litigation turned out to be a far more complex case than expected though and the series of meetings dragged on into the evening. Seeing my anxious glances at the clock the Chairman of the client company asked if I'd be driving home when the details were finalized. Answering in the affirmative I explained that not realizing the complicated nature of the case I hadn't booked any accommodation. He very kindly offered to ring round the hotels in town and book me a room, courtesy of the company. An offer I gratefully accepted, not relishing a late night drive home after what was proving to be a stressful day.

The hotel he booked me into turned out to be the oldest and probably most expensive in town. Situated in the town centre I would normally have taken more of an interest in the historic old building but tired and drained from the lengthy meetings I just wanted to get to my room and relax.

It was the night porter who conducted me to the room, it was that late, and I explained the circumstances of my lack of luggage to him while we walked up the wide and creaky staircase. Once inside I sank down onto the bed and kicked my high heels off with a sigh of relief. The new shoes had been giving me hell all day. From the doorway the porter asked if I wanted a drink from the mini bar, the main bar being closed by this time. He told me what was on offer and I asked for a gin and tonic, telling the guy to get himself one if he wanted and put it on the bill. The client company would be paying. I also said to leave the door ajar so that I wouldn't have to get up to open it when he returned.

It was warm in the room and I partially undressed. I don't know if I'd made a conscious decision to seduce the guy at this stage but sex would certainly be the ideal way to relax after the stresses of the day.

Although loving my job, I at times find it a bit stressful but discovered the ideal antidote to stress in sex, and lots of it, long ago. Hence, perhaps, the large number of lovers I've enjoyed myself with! If I was far from home then inevitably the sex had to be with someone other than hubby, but J of course has always been happy about that. Anyway when the porter re-entered the room carrying a tray he stopped in his tracks on seeing me laying on the bed in just my bra and panties.

"Not in any hurry are you? Close the door and enjoy your drink with me," I said, patting the side of the bed for him to sit down.

He told me his name was Simon and that he carried a pager so could leave reception unmanned for a time. He would have been in his mid-twenties I suppose.

Simon's eyes were drinking in my scantily clad body but he seemed shy of making a move. Perhaps feared for his job if he'd misread the signs and made a pass which I angrily rejected and subsequently complained to the hotel management.

Finishing my drink I replaced the glass on Simon's tray before resting my hand on his thigh.

"Thank you, I needed that," I smiled encouragingly, stroking his thigh. "Is there anything else you want?" Simon asked haltingly. "What do you think?" I smiled, blatantly spreading my legs.

My stroking hand was moving towards his crotch and Simon quickly deposited his unfinished drink on the tray before kissing me. My hand found his penis and I squeezed the rock hard member. His shyness

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