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The Blind Girl in the Rain: Part 3 (fm:romantic, 6993 words) [3/4] show all parts

Author: Cyanide56
Added: May 18 2018Views / Reads: 486 / 418 [86%]Part vote: 9.89 (19 votes)
When the company stud meets the girl of his dreams on a cold wet rainy day in Manhattan. A love story continues with part 3

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Part 3.

The room quietly echoed to the sounds of city life as I lay there staring up into the fading dark as the world turned and night slipped into the beginnings of the new day.

Sleep had been fitful. The constant turning of my mind as random thoughts flared, flickered and faded keeping me awake until the early hours. Night visions dancing in the darkness always bringing me back to the way she looked at me and the dawning realization that nothing would be the same again.

I got up and sat on the edge of the bed for a moment. I closed my eyes and hung my head as my body began to wake from its slumbers as I stretched and ran both hands through my thick dark hair. I got to my feet and walked naked to the window of my fifth-floor apartment and watched as the first signs of a red dawn began to appear from behind the concrete horizon.

Another day. Another Monday. I stared out into the far distance as the world began to paint herself with cloud strokes of deep copper and burnt umber. But it wasn't another day. Or another Monday.

A blind girl called Heather McCallister had made everything different.


Monday was a seriously cold day.

I had already parked the Lambo and was making my way up from the underground car park towards the main entrance of the building when I saw a cab pull up to the curb and the driver gets out to open the rear door on the left-hand side.

Suddenly a white stick appeared and I watched as the girl eased herself out onto the sidewalk as the cabbie fussed around her. So that was how she was getting around in this weather. It was then I realized this was my opportunity and quickly made my way to where she was standing.

The nearer I got to her the more my heart began to quicken. She was dressed in a dark grey overcoat with a bright yellow scarf wrapped around her neck, a black woven skirt, and what looked like thick woolen black stockings and knee-high black leather boots. Her hair was tied in a ponytail hanging down her back.

She waited until the taxi had moved off then reached forward with her stick and began to tap it back and forth. She had that thing in her ear and I could tell she was listening to whatever the device was telling her. I stopped a few feet from her and watched as she moved carefully forward and into the flow of pedestrians. Even from where I was I could see that she was nervous and flinched every now and again as she felt someone get too close as they walked past.

She walked a few meters then stopped. Her head was tilted to one side as she listened to the city moving around her. She was practically at the entrance to the courtyard in front of the company tower and tapped the end of her stick along the low wall in front of it. After a moments pause, she carefully set off again and I could see her mumbling to herself and it suddenly occurred to me that she was counting her steps as she went.

I stepped to the side as she came right past me and the faint smell of an Autumn perfume filled the crisp still air. She was so close I could see the flush of her cold cheeks and the soft billowing of her breath as she concentrated on where she was walking. The more I saw of her the more amazing and impressive she became.

It was now or never to set things in motion.

"Hey, hello," I said to her. Not too loud as I didn't want to startle her. But loud enough for her to hear over the din of traffic, "Miss. McCallister, right?" 

She gave a slight start of surprise and she turned to the side trying to figure out where I was standing in relation to her. "Oh, uh, yes,

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