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In the shower (fm:anal sex, 2368 words)

Author: Overboard NZ
Added: May 18 2018Views / Reads: 1536 / 1332 [87%]Story vote: 9.59 (22 votes)
A summer's afternoon leads to a surprise visitor in the shower.

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The sun has been shining from a blue sky all day, bright, intense, and hot. She's my flatmate, and I had spent much of that day sitting in the sunlight, reading, and trying as hard as possible to catch glimpses of her skin. She wasn't dressed well for that sort of furtive voyeurism. The curve of her breasts under cotton was certainly alluring, but after a day of that I wanted to see more. And although the outline of her arse through denim was lovely... Well. Jeans shouldn't be allowed on a day like this. A summer dress would be a better solution, straps over bare shoulders, naked thighs. The possibility of a gentle breeze lifting the dress slightly.

Finally the heat of the day begins to change to the cool of evening, and I say:

"It's getting a bit cold, let's go inside."


I walk behind her, close the door. Once we're inside:

"Like a drink."


How am I going to get my mind off her body? It's impossible to have a conversation with her when I so desperately want to fuck her. I need a wank, just to clear my head. I suppose if I...

"I think I'll just have a quick shower..."


So I walk nonchalantly to the bathroom. No lock on the door, another job yet to be addressed. Water on. Clothes off. I step into the steam, lean against the cold tiles, and close my eyes. A mental picture of her, wearing the summer dress that seemed more appropriate for the weather. I see her lift the skirt higher, smiling. A satin triangle obscures her pussy, and she runs a finger over the fabric...

There's a knock on the bathroom door. Cock in hand, I freeze, heart beating hard. And in a tone of voice that I'm sure has 'caught wanking' written all over it, I say;

"Yes?" I hold my breath waiting for an answer

"Um.. can I come in?"


"What? Er... I'm in the shower."

"I know that, that's OK."


"...Go on, I don't mind."

"Um, OK then.", I say.

The door clicks open, and I hope that the steamy walls of the shower cubicle hide my hard on.

"I was just wondering..."

I hear something. It sounds alot like clothes coming off, but of course that would be impossible.

"...If I could..."

The sound of bare feet on the tiled floor is unmistakable.

The door to the cubicle opens, and she's standing in a cloud of steam, naked. I've never seen her naked before, and the reality easily keeps pace with my imagination. The freckles on her face continue down her neck to her lovely smallish breasts, and her pink nipples are hard.

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