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Our new Friend (fm:threesomes, 5030 words)

Author: Overboard NZ
Added: May 18 2018Views / Reads: 1274 / 838 [66%]Story vote: 9.92 (12 votes)
A friend comes over for a drink, and much, much more.

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On the couch, she's sitting there, her head turned slightly towards me, and listening. We've been talking for over an hour, her and me and Emma. Emma's in the kitchen, fetching refills for the gin and tonics that have slowly moved our moods, together, from a nervous awkwardness into something more intimate, more pleasurable, closer.

A moment later, Emma re-enters the room, her arrival heralded by the clink of ice in crystal glasses, which seems in that moment to be the most erotic sound one could imagine, but our friend does not take her eyes from mine. Emma joins us on the couch, sitting behind her, sets the three drinks down on the low coffee table, and her hands now being free, places them on our friend's shoulders. I shift my gaze to her, and she smiles.

"You both seem to be having a lovely time, what could you two be talking about?"

"You," I reply, smiling too.

"Really? I'd rather talk about our new friend here."

She leans forwards slightly and kisses her on the curve of her bare shoulder.

"She's lovely, don't you think?"

She kisses her shoulder again, and our friend tilts her head a little to one side, and sighs softly and opens her mouth, slightly. Emma's hand moves gently down our friend's body, brushing against the side of her breasts, and coming to rest across her stomach.

"God, your body is beautiful," says Emma, her fingers gently stroking her, just below the curve of her breasts, "and you're not wearing a bra," she looks at me now; "See?" she says.

She reaches up, and pulls down the v-neck of the thin jumper that's the only thing between me and our friend's lovely breasts, past the point at which a bra would have become visible. Her now hard nipples push against the fabric of the jumper.

"I don't think I'll be getting around to that drink." I say, and lean forwards, helping Emma to pull the jumper down further still, and one hard nipple, her left one, tilts as the seam passes it, and then pops out, pointing towards me. I lean further forward and down, and she arches her back a little, rising up to meet me, making it easier to take that hard nub between my lips. She draws her breath in a slow intake, and twists around, towards her right, closing her eyes and kissing Emma deeply a movement that has the added effect of pushing her nipple against my mouth. I suck a little harder on it, and slip my hand around her arched back, pulling her closer still.

We stay like this for a little while, her hard nipple in my mouth, while she kisses Emma, eyes still closed, twisting around to reach her lips. Then, I straighten up, and watch as our friend leans back further, and twists around more, her kiss with Emma deepening and her v-neck jumper lifting back up, to cover her rock-hard nipple again. It's clearly visible from the side now through the fabric, even without the top being pulled tight against it, and I reach out to touch it, feeling its hardness through the soft material of the jumper, and lifting a little the weight of her breast, cupping and caressing, enjoying its shape and its curve.

The moment lasts for a long time, I'm gazing at a sight more beautiful and erotic than any I thought I'd ever see, as my love, Emma, and our lovely new friend, kiss passionately on the couch. I remember meeting her, at a party, a long time ago, and Emma and I had both been smitten. Later that evening, as Emma and I had lain together in bed, kissing and touching and getting ready to fuck, she'd surprised me by saying out loud exactly what had been on my mind since we'd come home.

"I think I want to fuck her," she had said, "I think I want to kiss her while you watch, and play with her nice, round, soft breasts."

"Go on," I had replied, and she'd spent the next half an hour, as we played, and fucked, and came, telling me in detailed, filthy language,

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