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D.C. - Part 1 (fm:one-on-one, 1197 words)

Author: artsoccerdude
Added: May 18 2018Views / Reads: 666 / 537 [81%]Story vote: 9.58 (12 votes)
I spent a week in D.C. on a college trip and debauchery ensued.

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While I was in college, I spent a week in D.C. Every senior had to take what was called a senior year experience. It was a course that often focused on a culture and a trip. Someone might take an SYE on Vienna & Budapest where they take a course in history and culture of the Austro-Hungarian peoples followed then by a 10 day trip to Vienna and Budapest. Mine was a course on American social justice and our trip was to D.C.

This was the smallest SYE on my campus, there were only 15 students. But that meant we got to know another pretty well. Rae, Fallyn, and Megyn from my trip to NYC was part of the class along with another communication student Sara. The trip was, again, mostly girls. Other than Fallyn and myself were Seamus and Joe. The other girls were Paige, Ashley, Shannon, Shanna, Lisa, Katie, and Annie. Half of us didn't want to miss the OSU-UM game so we left around 5a.m. so we could get to the hotel in time for the game. Surprisingly, our professors were ok with us going on our own without them. They really shouldn't have been.

It was a long drive. But the hotel had a restaurant and bar. The seven of us who had left at 5a.m. made a beeline straight for the bar.

"Pitcher of Dogfish Head IPA and a platter of buffalo wings," I said as we sat at the bar.

"Thanks Chris. I could use a beer after that drive," Ashley said.

"Oh, that's actually for me. I have a bit of a drinking problem," I joked. She laughed. We had spent most of the semester flirting. Ashley was a beautiful blonde who was toned from years of soccer. We both played for rival clubs growing up, played for the school, and both supported Arsenal. She was basically my perfect woman.

"In that case, the loaded nachos and seven shots of Jack are mine," she said with a smile.

"Alright, how about a trade. One of the buffalo wings for three of those shots."

"Two of those buffalo wings and a beer for two shots of Jack," she countered.

"Two wings, and a beer for three shots of Jack," I said as I sipped my beer.

"Three wings, and two beers for three shots," she said as she threw back a shot.

"Final offer, three wings and two beers for your room number." My heart skipped a beat.

She laughed. "Deal. I would have given you my room key if you had asked. But I guess I'll settle for some wings and beer while you sit outside my door wishing you were in." She took a sip from one of the beers.


"You had your chance," she said with a wink. While everyone else was focused on the game, I was focused on sliding my hand up Ashley's leg. She had on jeans so there was no chance of fingering her but I could still tease her.

At halftime, she leaned over and said, "Room 315. Five minutes". With that she got up and walked away. I finished my beer and ran up to my room. My fingers had buffalo sauce all over them and I didn't want to cause her any discomfort.

I knocked on the door. I had wanted this all semester. The door opened and there she stood. She was wearing a black bra and pantie set which was accentuated by her tanned skin. She grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me in. Our lips locked and my hands found their way to her body. One on her lower back and the other on her boob. Her hand found my belt buckle and began to unbuckle it.I could feel my erection straining against my boxers.

Just as she freed my cock from my boxers, she dropped to her knees and

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