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Forced gay experience; do I want to do it again? (mm:first time, 539 words)

Author: Restless
Added: Jun 03 2018Views / Reads: 651 / 1 [0%]Story vote: 7.83 (6 votes)
I was forced in a bathroom stall give head to football player. Now I'm wondering if I want to do it again? Am I as straight as I've always thought?

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Although I'm not gay, I thought gay readers might enjoy it.

I have never been interested in men and both wives will tell you my problem has been the contrary. And yet, there was this one event in college.

Since I'm slender and, well, I guess a little effeminate appearing (although I used to rock climb and race motorcycles so I don't think of myself that way), I would get hit on occasionally by a gay guy. Hand on leg ion bus, that sort of thing. This time, it was forced to completion.

I was peeing in the urinal in the library when a very big black guy, football player I thought, walked up next to me. But instead peeing, he brought out a huge dick and began to swing it back and fourth. I never looked at other guy's cocks in urinals, but it was hard to avoid seeing this one. Nervous, I finished and started for the door, but he got between it and me. Thinking quickly, I walked back to a stall but before I could get it closed, he grabbed the door. He was quick. He stepped inside, still with his big dick hanging down, threw the latch, gestured shih with his finger, and pushed me down onto the commode so my face was inches from his cock. "I'm not gay," I whispered. I was afraid someone would find us both in the same stall. "It doesn't matter," he whispered back, you know you want it." I shook my head no, but he grabbed my ponytail and, holding me firmly, began to paint my lips with his copious precum.

Instinctively I licked my lips and little stars went off in my brain. Now he was pressing his cock against my lips. "It's too big, I have a small l mouth," I pleaded, but he just pushed harder. Finally I opened my lips and the head popped in. That was all I could get in my mouth, but he settled for that. Probably used to being to big for a complete blowjob. "Sweet lips" he crooned and began to fuck my mouth with the head of his uncircumcised cock. It must have been 4" in diameter. I was passive at first, but then, I wanted it over with, so I started licking and sucking. "Don't worry, I jerked off this morning, there won't be too much to make a mess.

It wasn't long before he began to rock back in forth and then, I was surprised, without any particular sound; he began to fill my mouth with his cum. He was right, there wasn't too much, I was able to suck it all down.

He caught his breath. Then he took a pen from my pocked and wrote his phone number on it. I shook my head no. He smiled, "you'll call me."

So here I am, his phone number memorized before I washed it off. Don't football players live in dorms together? Would I have to do more than him? I'm not gay, why can't I get the thought out of my mind, especially when I jerk off. It must be because I don't have a girl friend right now. Please tell me you agree.

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